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The 2022 Election commitments report provides the budget impact of each of the election commitments made by the major parties in the 2022 general election, and the total combined impact of their policy platforms on the Australian Government budget. There is a range of material to introduce the report and help you find material of interest, including a short introductory video, A3 summary, and quick guides to the Election commitments report and to interpreting the underlying costings.

Full costing documentation for all election commitments, with the exception of select commitments specified as providing capped levels of funding, and all underlying data are available below. Costings for individual election commitments are also available in a searchable format.

2022 Election commitments report 

Introductory video
Guide to the election commitments report PDF icon (714 KB)                                                           
Guide to reading PBO costings PDF icon (1.7 MB)   

Main report PDF icon (1.2 MB)
        Snapshot  PDF icon (156 KB)

    Detailed tables showing budget impacts of election commitments

        Appendix A – Coalition MS Excel (105 KB)
        Appendix B – Australian Labor Party MS Excel (175 KB)
        Appendix C – Australian Greens MS Excel (149 KB)
        Appendix D – Independent member for Indi MS Excel (96 KB)
        Appendix A, B, C, D – Consolidated tables of parties' election commitments MS Excel (381 KB)

    Consolidated costing documents
        Appendix E – Coalition PDF icon (7.9 MB)
        Appendix F – Australian Labor Party PDF icon (29 MB)
        Appendix G – Australian Greens PDF icon (31 MB)
        Appendix H – Independent member for Indi PDF icon (4.5 MB)

    Other appendices
        Appendix I – â€¯Report requirements and method PDF icon (287 KB)

Chart and table data MS Excel (113 KB)

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