Parliamentary Service Commissioner Annual Report 2011-2012


Review of performance

Casework under the Act

Applications for reviews of actions including promotion review

No applications for review were received by the Merit Protection Commissioner in 2011–12. One review matter carried over from 2010–11 was finalised in 2011–12. The review was not accepted as it was over 12 months old when received and there were no exceptional circumstances explaining why the application had not been lodged within the year.


In 2011–12, the Merit Protection Commissioner received one whistleblower report from an employee of the Department of Parliamentary Services. One report was carried over from 2010–11. Both reports are still under consideration and are expected to be finalised shortly.

Other matters

Discussions were held between staff supporting the Merit Protection Commissioner and the Parliamentary Service Liaison Officer through the year about the policy framework supporting the functions of the Merit Protection Commissioner. The Merit Protection Commissioner also met with senior officials within the parliamentary departments including the Parliamentary Librarian.

Some preliminary work was undertaken on amending the Parliamentary Service Act 1999 and the Parliamentary Service Determination 2003/2 to extend the delegation arrangements for the Merit Protection Commissioner and to ensure consistency with proposed changes to the Merit Protection Commissioner's functions in the Australian Public Service. Further work on this will occur in 2012–13.