Research Papers 2002–03

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Title Number Date
The Politics of Constitutional Amendment [HTML][PDF 799KB](Abstract) 11 23.06.2003
Turbulent Times: Australian Airline Industry Issues 2003 [HTML][PDF 926KB](Abstract) 10 16.06.2003
The Effects of the US Steel Tariffs on Australian Steel Exports to the US [HTML][PDF 561KB](Abstract) 9 02.06.2003
Tax Expenditures: the $30 Billion Twilight Zone of Government Spending [HTML][PDF 860KB](Abstract) 8 26.05.2003
Intergenerational Equity: Issues of Principle in the Allocation of Social Resources Between this Generation and the Next [HTML][PDF 518KB](Abstract) 7 13.05.2003
The Commonwealth Budget: Process and Presentation [HTML][PDF 675KB](Abstract) 6 15.04.2003
British Tribunals of Inquiry: Legislative and Judicial Control of the Inquisitorial Process-Relevance to Australian Royal Commissions [HTML][PDF 849KB](Abstract) 5 15.04.2003
Politician Overboard: Jumping the Party Ship [HTML][PDF 675KB](Abstract) 4 24.03.2003
Australia's Foreign Debt [HTML][PDF 2,378KB](Abstract) 3 03.03.2003
Electorate Rankings: Census 2001 [HTML][PDF 3,409KB](Abstract) 2 03.03.2003
Public Private Partnerships: An Introduction [HTML] [PDF 191KB](Abstract) 1 24.09.2002