Budget Review 2009–10

Budget Review 2009–10

May 2009

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Introduction Social policy

Budget overview

  Social policy overview
  Budget 2009–10: key features

    Broadcasting and the arts

Budget transparency   Arts
  Operation Sunlight   Digital radio and television
Climate change, energy and the environment
  Public broadcasting
  Climate change and energy     Education
  Environment   Education—introduction
  Water   Higher education

Defence and security issues

  School education
  Defence   Vocational education and training
Federal-state relations     Health and ageing
  GST transitionary assistance to expire   Health overview
Foreign affairs   Aged care

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

  Health infrastructure
  Official development assistance   Medicare
Housing   Pharmaceutical benefits scheme
  First Home Owners Boost extension   Private health insurance
Infrastructure   Workforce

Infrastructure overview

  Broadband and telecommunications   Abolition of the 45 day rule
Legal issues and the Attorney-General’s portfolio   Border protection and combating people smuggling
  Introduction   Community care and case resolution
  Access to justice   Migration and humanitarian programs
  Alcopops customs and excise tariffs     Indigenous affairs
  Australian Securities and Investment Commission and financial regulation   Indigenous affairs
  Courts     Welfare payments
  Information Commissioner   Reform of family payments
  Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia   Paid parental leave
  National Capital Authority   Reforms to pensions
  National product safety regulation   Student income support
  National Security Legislation Monitor    
  Unit pricing    
Public sector    
  Australian Public Service    
Rural affairs    
  Drought assistance    
  Land and Water Australia    
Science and innovation    
  Science and innovation        
  Superannuation - Revised 26th June 2009    
  Business tax measures    
  Personal income tax    
  Fairness and integrity in the tax system    
Workplace relations    
  Workplace relations overview    


The second Rudd Government Budget, handed down on 12 May 2009, was framed amid a sharply deteriorating world economy and the first serious downturn in Australian economic activity since the early 1990s. This challenging global economic environment is creating anxiety among government policy makers around the globe as the appropriateness of the various policy responses are being openly debated in parliaments and through the media.

To assist parliamentarians in these demanding times, the Parliamentary Library is once again producing a Budget Review that examines the key features of a selection of crucial measures contained in the Budget. The first article, Budget 2009–10: Key features, provides a macroeconomic analysis and commentary of the Budget including the assumptions underpinning the Government’s fiscal policy and the main spending and taxing features contained in the Budget. The remaining articles examine the impact of Budget measures on a broad range of specific issues and initiatives.

The Budget Review 2009–10 has necessarily been prepared under time pressure with a view to making it available to parliamentarians as soon as possible. While great care has been taken to ensure that these articles are accurate and balanced, they are written using information publicly available at the time of production. It is not the intention of these documents to make value judgements about the relative importance of different measures or to provide a comprehensive overall assessment of the Budget.

Parliamentarians are invited to raise points requiring amplification or clarification directly with the research specialist concerned and any general comments on papers are also welcome. Any other feedback should be forwarded to me. Clients are also reminded that in addition to the Budget Review the Library publishes the Opinion and analysis of the Budget in the media page on our website.



Roxanne Missingham
Parliamentary Librarian
May 2009