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Mini-Redistributions: Representational Russian Roulette

A recent newspaper article suggests that the Prime Minister might be forced to call an early election in August or September 2018, however the recent release of the population estimates from the Census may complicate this. Read more...

Gains and losses on the electorate roundabout

The latest population data released today (27 June 2017) by the ABS suggests that, for the next election, the number of divisions in South Australia will reduce by one (from 11 to 10) and the number of divisions in both Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory will increase by one. There will be no change in the number of divisions for any other state or territory. Read more...

Electoral Pendulum 2016

This FlagPost shows the notional two-party preferred swings needed for electoral divisions to change hands at the next House of Representatives election. Redistributions of federal electoral boundaries have occurred in the Australian Capital Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales since the 2013 election.  Read more...

Electoral redistributions in ACT, WA, and NSW

In order to achieve fair democratic representation, the Australian Constitution states “the number of members chosen in the several States should be in proportion to the respective numbers of their people”. Each state’s population changes constantly, and therefore the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) must regularly ensure that each state and territory has their fair share (entitlement) of members in the House of Representatives. Read more...

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