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Changes to the Assurance of Support scheme

The Minister for Social Services, Dan Tehan, recently made changes to the Assurance of Support (AoS) scheme which will have a significant impact on those seeking to help family members migrate to Australia. An AoS is an assurance from an Australian resident that they will take financial responsibility for a new migrant during a set period, and will repay any social security payments received by the migrant during the period. The changes to the scheme will mean that there are much higher income requirements for those offering assurances. A spokesperson for the Minister stated that ‘the change will ensure Australia’s social security system remains sustainable’. Read more...

China’s policing assistance in the Pacific: a new era?

While there has been renewed discussion and debate surrounding China’s infrastructure assistance to Pacific nations over the last several months, less attention has been paid to China’s growing policing and law enforcement presence in the region. While still in its early stages, this presence spans several of the Pacific Island countries which recognise the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and, in some cases, has expanded beyond the provision of facilities and equipment to include training, secondments and joint operations. Read more...

A snapshot of temporary migrants in Australia

A budding public conversation is underway about Australia’s population. Perhaps to help inform this conversation, the Department of Home Affairs has released a new data product documenting the number of migrants in Australia who hold a temporary visa.  Read more...

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