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Inquiring into the ABC’s complaints handling

A debate about how complaints are handled by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) has highlighted some enduring tensions in relations between the ABC and the Australian Government. Read more...

Quotas for women in parliament

The issue of quotas for women in parliament is once again in the news, with motions to introduce quotas to be debated at upcoming Liberal Party state conferences in New South Wales and Victoria. An Essential Report poll published on 30 March 2021 found that 48 per cent of those polled supported political parties setting gender quotas for candidate selection (with 36 per cent opposed). The international experience of quotas Since the 1990s over one hundred countries have implemented political gender quotas, and by 2013 over half the world’s countries had adopted some form of quota, including by 2018, over twenty established democracies. Many countries have found quotas to be an effectiv... Read more...


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