A Handbook for the 43rd Parliament

The Parliamentary Library recently published the 2011 edition of the Parliamentary Handbook. The Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the 43rd Parliament. The biographical section includes details of the parliamentary service and political career of each Senator and Member, as well as some personal particulars. The Handbook also provides statistics on the age, length of service, qualifications and previous occupations of the current Parliament, together with data on the 2010 elections as well as a map of federal electoral divisions. Valuable lists and tables concerning the history of the Australian Parliament are provided, such as lists of Governors-General, Presiding Officers, Prime Ministers, Leaders of the Opposition, Ministers, Shadow Ministers and all Senators and Members since 1901. The Handbook also includes a copy of the Constitution, and detailed information on all referendums and plebiscites.

The Handbook can be used as a source document for questions such as:
Where can I get a list of Prime Ministers since 1901, with their terms of office?
Where can I find biographical information on MPs?
Who is the longest serving MP?
How many women MPs have there been since 1901?
Which MPs were born overseas?
Where can I find information on electorates?
What was the composition of the Senate in 1996?
When is the latest possible date for the next election?
How many referendums have been successful?

Full text of the Parliamentary Handbook can be accessed
online, and hard copies can also be ordered from the Parliament Shop at $70 each.


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