What is the Parliamentary Education Office?

The PEO provides a wealth of information on Parliament by facilitating education programs, including role-plays, for over 90,000 students per year.

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Parliamentary Education Office

About the Parliamentary Education Office

The Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) provides information materials and education resources to raise awareness and build understanding about the role of the Australian Parliament.

Working with students, teachers and parliamentary officers, the PEO offers a wide range of tailored, engaging and highly relevant education resources, including:

  • experiential learning programs that enable students and teachers to understand the work of the Parliament;
  • a website with news and information materials – such as fact sheets, videos and publications – about the core functions of Parliament, including representation, responsible government, law making and the separation of powers; and
  • teaching resources covering key concepts of Australia's federal Parliament, including units of work addressing the Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum.

In addition, the PEO produces Parliament Now news, publishes the Australian Pocket Constitution and manages the Your Questions on Notice website.


PEO staff are highly skilled education specialists with comprehensive knowledge of the Australian Curriculum and extensive classroom experience. Visit About PEO staff to find out more.


The PEO is jointly funded by the Department of the Senate and the Department of the House of Representatives, and provides whole-of-parliament education services and support.

Detailed information about the activities and achievements of the PEO can be found in the Department of the Senate’s Annual Report 2015-16.

Contact Details

Parliamentary Education Office
PO Box 6100
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600 Australia

Telephone: +61 2 6277 3147

Email: peo@aph.gov.au

School Bookings

Bookings for PEO role-play and other learning programs can be made online using the Parliament of Australia School Visits page.

A guided tour of Australia's Parliament House (APH) can be also booked in conjunction with the role-play program and run for one hour.

Given the high demand for PEO role-play programs, bookings are essential and should be made as far in advance as possible.