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1The University of Sydney (PDF 41 KB)  d346da93-caab-4dec-b512-7a50b902b9f1~23363
2Department of Industry Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (PDF 461 KB)  b03bf43e-14d7-4732-b429-459b4998bbae~23364
3Embassy of the United States of America (PDF 1584 KB)  5abe0e47-5023-4a09-a850-e4c51a248671~23365
4National Tertiary Education Industry Union (PDF 108 KB) 
4.1 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 1042 KB) 
5Universities Australia (PDF 213 KB)  9d7c8f5c-a9e4-43d4-8c95-21786f908877~23367
6Society of University Lawyers (PDF 39 KB)  8ab2c3d4-4642-4c03-bbdc-89d95ac82ed2~23368
7Mr Peter Goon, Air Power Australia (PDF 121 KB)  0df8d226-bef4-415d-a435-68468628c465~23369
8Biddington Research Pty Ltd (PDF 283 KB)  87c57c48-1ae5-4962-b6e1-040d955b0513~23373
9Professor Ian Chubb AC (PDF 73 KB)  3a85de8a-90c4-41a7-9dd2-c3745004f69e~23374
10AI Group Defence Council (PDF 55 KB)  8f52a2e4-85ec-497b-a20d-e95190ce0612~23370
11National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 156 KB)  3a17dd70-7607-4485-b250-792939ad920a~23371
12The University of Sydney (PDF 1034 KB)  7e78bfeb-3fd2-41c8-af9e-bcbad7f0eb75~23372
13Universities Australia (PDF 131 KB)  c2a16493-56d3-4df0-9e84-447b2a310fb4~23375
14National Health and Medical Research Council (PDF 1428 KB)  ffd51514-d97b-492e-a54c-17307f6367dd~23376
15Computing Research & Education (PDF 1142 KB)  3d2f111d-8d73-46d5-8ab6-764e7d2b3953~31782
16CORE Australasia (PDF 1132 KB)  8f340ded-d279-45d0-913e-da97d8efccd7~31777
17University of Sydney (PDF 132 KB)  d7a9204a-677a-44c9-847f-4002351a6e07~205973
18National Tertiary Education Union (PDF 649 KB)  70dc72db-1250-4608-a5e4-9ab9c4ddc741~206023
19National Health and Medical Research Council  (PDF 359 KB)  6a820d27-cb35-4bfa-a886-a963b86e8d31~206027
20Universities Australia (PDF 640 KB)  00c6534a-d8fc-494f-8604-efe18d556192~206078

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About this inquiry

During the 24 month transition period for the Defence Trade Controls Bill 2011, the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee is conducting a six-monthly examination of progress of the implementation of the provisions of the bill and report to the Senate.

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The committee invites individuals and organisations to send in their opinions and proposals in writing (submissions)


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