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1Home Loan Experts (PDF 201 KB)  e8c26938-c0f7-4097-a773-491f00461e3f~31023
2Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) (PDF 66 KB)  ddd51539-86d1-43f6-93ed-fdd72a542be1~31050
3Australian Council of Trade Unions (PDF 365 KB)  50491096-55ae-417d-a1e2-d052cc05246e~31057
4Business Council of Australia (BCA) (PDF 203 KB)  d224affa-a515-4b55-b498-fde8a8825d43~31058
5Humanist Society of Victoria (PDF 93 KB)  ebc062a0-3e02-4135-9dd8-bd2d2ea87b00~31061
6Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (PDF 205 KB)  ca79efc7-91f2-44cb-af0e-8d1f0ebfed2e~31062
7Australian Lawyers for Human Rights (PDF 105 KB)  6bde20d3-82df-4090-af54-0b33ca8188a1~32590
8Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union (PDF 316 KB)  106c6593-4393-4ae2-938d-a3658d2d3929~32650
9International Trade Union Confederation (PDF 169 KB)  f3a2452a-5266-4be0-8e4f-793daac16ef1~32710
10AUSVEG (PDF 983 KB)  0f48025c-538e-482a-8fbb-b3faf3703999~32711
11National Farmers' Federation (PDF 681 KB)  c176a574-a849-4a18-9ca9-75a07ea69d46~32712
12Slavery Links (PDF 240 KB)  54bf383b-8b27-4458-a93f-8670eac1ee13~77008

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About this inquiry

An inquiry into the Fair Trade (Workers' Rights) Bill 2013

Inquiry Status

Submissions Closed


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