The committee has received a large volume of submissions in relation to this inquiry and wishes to assure submitters that each piece of correspondence to the inquiry is being read and considered. The committee has decided to publish all submissions from organisations and a representative sample of the submissions received from individuals. Owing to the sensitive and personal nature of many submissions, the committee has decided that the representative sample will be drawn from those for which it has received clear advice from the submitter supporting publication. The committee has decided not to publish submissions comprising short or general statements, form/campaign letters and petitions, but has noted the concerns raised in them.

Submissions received by the Committee

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 550 items in 28 pages
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 550 items in 28 pages
1Ms Camilla Mutton (PDF 15 KB) 
2Name Withheld (PDF 35 KB) 
3Ms Julia Rudakova (PDF 34 KB) 
4Mr and Mrs Dean and Angela Kelly (PDF 700 KB) 
4.1 Supplementary to submission 4 (PDF 109 KB) 
5Ms Kari Edwards (PDF 75 KB) 
6Ms Rebekah Hayden (PDF 14 KB) 
7Ms Louisa Kenzig (PDF 46 KB) 
8Ms Judith Magee (PDF 29 KB) 
9Ms Eliza Blackwood (PDF 15 KB) 
10Ms Anna Harpley (PDF 35 KB) 
10.1 Supplementary to submission 10 (PDF 40 KB) 
11Ms Linda Masaoka (PDF 14 KB) 
12Name Withheld (PDF 15 KB) 
13Mr Ben Kilpatrick (PDF 15 KB) 
14Name Withheld (PDF 14 KB) 
15Ms Belinda Moore (PDF 14 KB) 
16Mrs and Mr Breanna and Brock Gravener (PDF 67 KB) 
17Ms Stacey O'Toole (PDF 530 KB) 
18Name Withheld (PDF 88 KB) 
19Mrs Danielle Cornthwaite (PDF 42 KB) 
20Ms Stephanie Bailey (PDF 49 KB) 

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