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1Mrs Julie Drury (PDF 26 KB)  18265ecb-e0fa-4156-9cdc-3fe5a124784c~18003
2Ms Anne Dickens (PDF 23 KB)  f3190f8c-f00a-4fb2-8000-ecd8b0600e68~18004
3Ms Kyla Mathers (PDF 82 KB)  a1b5fa28-1db4-4ae8-90e6-cb1cf2b92b8c~18005
4Mr Glen Oldham (PDF 32 KB)  0b0b780b-c0dd-47f1-b3b4-891143d9cd5f~18006
5White Wreath Assoc Ltd (PDF 759 KB)  24ff2a16-68a5-4a9d-b4f4-b49018a165a8~18007
6Mr Ron Ebdon (PDF 44 KB)  857e58d2-8000-4be7-9200-d952f332465c~18008
7Dr Kim Wylie (PDF 94 KB)  00daa9b8-4cc1-48e8-94a7-9b20f26a0044~18009
8Dr John Tooth (PDF 1908 KB) 
Response from Tasmanian Government to submission 8 from John Tooth (PDF 2487 KB) 
9GLBTI Retirement Association Inc (PDF 106 KB)  d3fc601a-dab2-4044-98ad-013a98b944ee~18011
10Private Mental Health Consumer Carer Network (Australia) (PDF 750 KB)  a26b0c5e-7481-4945-be44-914648008122~18021
11Helping Hand (PDF 69 KB)  cb8fc0bd-388b-4478-92fa-5dfef2a35c43~18012
12National Prescribing Service (PDF 99 KB)  056599d4-0a8f-4c0f-89c8-a2f0d457ec64~18024
13ACT Disability Aged Carer and Advocacy Service (PDF 392 KB)  377b682a-31e3-4adf-bb5f-fc5b2115a665~18026
14Catholic Health Australia (PDF 423 KB)  7da0bc19-d658-4188-9f3e-e65ddd4ade4c~18027
16Mission Australia (PDF 289 KB)  7460635c-7e84-4f46-928d-509d2d4065f0~18014
17Professor Brian Draper (PDF 119 KB)  Attachment 1 (PDF 172 KB)  d11d06ea-94ce-4396-86bc-d5356088490f~18015|9ec3b620-ce54-4326-85d8-5b0c948c0cb2~18015
18Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (PDF 388 KB)  b484666f-8bbc-47fe-a863-02116e7c98bc~18016
19Services for Australian Rural and Remote Allied Health  (PDF 185 KB)  efee23ff-52e2-4222-b77e-b2fd730d46d4~18030
20Mrs Jenny Potter (PDF 45 KB)  3e45cef4-019e-4d91-9f5c-cd9536053aa9~18031

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About this inquiry

The care and management of younger and older Australians living with dementia and behavioural and psychiatric symptoms of dementia (BPSD), including:

  1. the scope and adequacy of the different models of community;
  2. resourcing of those models of care; and
  3. the scope for improving the provision of care and management of Australians living with dementia and BPSD.

Past Public Hearings

14 Feb 2014: Canberra, ACT
17 Dec 2013: Warracknabeal, VIC
16 Dec 2013: Melbourne, VIC


Inquiry Status

Report tabled


If you require any special arrangements to enable you to participate in the Committee's inquiry, please contact the Committee Secretariat.

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