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Week beginning Monday, 1 December 2014

Sitting week beginning Monday 1 December 2014 – 8th House sitting week of the 44th Parliament’s 2014 spring sittings (19th sitting week for 2014).

This page summarises matters expected to be considered by the House of Representatives and its Federation Chamber. It is updated weekly during sittings. For a full report of the business dealt with, including a list of documents presented, go to the Votes and Proceedings. To read the debates, including question time, go to Hansard.

For details about the proposed program of business for each sitting of the House and Federation Chamber and that sitting’s public hearings of House and joint committees go to the House Daily Program (usually available at least 1 hour before the House is scheduled to meet).


House of Representatives chamber

On Monday at 10.25am Mr Bandt (AG, Melbourne, Vic) is expected to present the Sex Discrimination Amendment (Boosting Superannuation for Women) Bill 2014 and move the second reading.  This bill will be available on the Bills and Legislation page after it has been presented.

Government bills are expected to be introduced into the House this week. These bills will be listed on the House Daily Program  and the text of each bill will be available on the Bills and Legislation page after it is introduced. Details of bills to be introduced are not available prior to their introduction.

In the House during the week it is planned to resume debate on the following Government bills already introduced (note – these plans may change as the week unfolds, especially if some of the bills listed below are referred to the Federation Chamber by the House. Bills received from the Senate are in italics).





Federation Chamber

In the Federation Chamber it is planned to resume debate on the following Government business matters and Committee and Delegation Reports:

Monday (from 10.30am to 1.30pm and 4.00 pm to 9.00 pm)

Wednesday (from 9.30am to 1pm)

Thursday (from 9.30am to approximately 1pm)

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Committee and delegation reports and statements and private Members’ motions

On Monday at 10:10am, the following committee report is expected to be presented and statements made:

On Monday at 12pm, the following committee reports are expected to be presented and statements made:

On Monday at 10.25am, the following private Member’s motions will be debated in the House:

At approximately 11am the following private Member’s motions will be debated in the Federation Chamber:

Auditor-General’s reports

2014-15 reports of the Auditor-General may be presented after question time during the week.

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Matters of Public Importance

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after question time, in accordance with the House's standing orders, it is possible for the House to discuss a matter of public importance (MPI).

If an MPI is proposed by a Member, and is in order, the subject of the MPI will be announced shortly after midday on each of these days and made available on the website. If more than one MPI is proposed the Speaker will decide which MPI is the most urgent and important to be submitted to the House that day.

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Grievance debate

In accordance with standing orders Grievance Debate is held on sitting Mondays in the Federation Chamber. At 8pm debate is resumed on the question ‘That grievances be noted’ and debate ensues until 9pm. Debate on the question is practically unlimited in scope, giving Members the opportunity, in 10 minute speeches, to raise matters in which they have a particular interest or to discuss complaints of constituents.

For details about House and Federation Chamber debate times see the order of business diagram.

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Petitions and ministerial responses to petitions may be presented by the Chair of the Petitions Committee, Dr Jensen (Chair) (LP, Tangney, WA) on Monday.

Members' may also present petitions during the time reserved for Members' Statements in the Federation Chamber, during the Adjournment Debates of the House and the Federation Chamber and during Grievance Debate in the House.

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Sitting hours for this week

This week the House is expected to sit on Monday to Thursday in a pattern similar to that described in Infosheet  2: A typical sitting day.

The Federation Chamber is also expected to meet on

For details about House and Federation Chamber standard hours see the order of business diagrams.

Following proceedings in the House

You can track each item of business as it is being done in the House Chamber and the House Main Committee by using LiveMinutes, which is an online version of the Draft Minutes.  

You can see proceedings of the House Chamber and Federation Chamber via the webcasts at the Watch Parliament page.

Replays of Question Time are available to view from you desktop, iOS or Android device from the About the House news page. Question Time replays are also available from our Youtube channel

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