2015 Seminar Program

House of Representatives Chamber, 44th Parliament

About our seminars

The House of Representatives is where governments are formed and where most proposed Commonwealth laws are introduced. Through its seminar program, the House offers people interested in its work an opportunity to find out how the House actually works. Our seminars range from the basic to the very detailed – something for everyone.

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2015 Seminar Program cover

About Parliament – Wednesday 8 April and Wednesday 5 August

The new About Parliament seminar, run in conjunction with the Department of the Senate, provides an introduction to Australia’s parliamentary system of government and what parliament does. Developed with graduates and people new to the public service in mind, this seminar provides an overview of the parliamentary system, including the constitutional provisions for the federal system of government; the functions of the parliament, executive and judiciary; and the way in which public servants interact with the House of Representatives and the Senate. This seminar includes a tour of the House of Representatives and the Senate chambers.

About the Budget – Wednesday 6 May

The annual passage of the budget through the parliament is critical for the proper functioning of government. Our seminar About the Budget gives a practical insight into the procedures involved in the various stages of budget consideration once the budget has been introduced into the House. The seminar includes a comprehensive guide to accessing budget documents. The seminar is designed for people who are involved with or need to follow the budget after it is introduced into the House.

About Legislation– Wednesday 8 July

Most proposed Commonwealth legislation is introduced into the House of Representatives. In our About Legislation seminar we explain in detail the whole legislative process – from the introduction of a bill into the House, to what happens when it becomes an act, or law. We guide you in how to find and use on-line documents related to the legislative process.

Our seminar is designed for people who are involved in the legislative process and who need to follow the passage of legislation through the parliament.

About Committees – Wednesday 2 September

Parliamentary committees regularly inquire into and report on issues of importance to all Australians. Our About Committees seminar provides detailed information on all aspects of committee work, including the types of committees and how they conduct their investigations. If you want to know how you can contribute a submission to a committee’s inquiry, give evidence before a committee, or you need to brief others on these processes, or simply follow the progress of an inquiry, this seminar will interest you.

Custom Seminars

The Department of the House of Representatives is able to conduct presentations for individual organisations at Parliament House in Canberra, interstate and in regional Australia. We can tailor presentations for your organisation around any of the themes or subjects covered in this seminar booklet. We can help your staff to learn how your organisation can follow and be involved in the parliamentary process.

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