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These Infosheets provide useful information about the business of the House and Federation Chamber.

For the official record of the proceedings of the House, including a list of papers presented, go to the Votes and Proceedings. To read transcripts of the debates, go to Hansard.

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Statistical records of the work of the House of Representatives are available on a range of business items, including legislation, questions, statements and petitions.

Last week in the House

Week beginning 19 June 2017

Sitting week beginning Monday, 19 June 2017 – 5th sitting week of the Winter 2017 period of sittings of the 45th Parliament.

This page summarises the work done in the House of Representatives and the Federation Chamber. It is updated at the completion of a parliamentary sitting week. For a full report of the business dealt with, including a list of documents presented, go to the Votes and Proceedings. To read the debates, including question time, go to Hansard

Committee and delegation business

Committee reports presented

Standing Committee on Petitions

Report 12: Petitions and Ministerial responses (19 June 2017)

Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters

  • Third interim report on the inquiry into the conduct of the 2016 federal election:  AEC modernisation (21 June 2017)

Standing Committee on Employment, Education and Training

  • Innovation and creativity—Inquiry into innovation and creativity: workforce for the new economy (19 June 2017)

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights

  • Human rights scrutiny report: Report 6 of 2017 (20 June 2017)

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

  • Report 462: Commonwealth infrastructure spending: Inquiry based on Auditor-General’s reports 14 (2015-16) and 38 (2016-17) (22 June 2017)

Standing Committee on Publications

Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth

  • ​Leveraging our advantages: The trade relationship between Australia and Indonesia (19 June 2017)

Joint Standing Committee on Treaties

  • Report 171: International Trade in Endangered Species—Amendments; Women in Combat Duties—Reservation Withdrawal; Generation IV Nuclear Energy—Accession (19 June 2017)

Selection Committee

  • Report No. 13 relating to the consideration of bills introduced 19 June to 22 June 2017 (22 June 2017)

Government responses to committee reports presented

Parliamentary Joint Committee on Corporations and Financial Services

  • Inquiry into the Personal Liability for Corporate Fault Reform Bill 2012 (21 June 2017)
  • Report on the 2012-13 annual reports of bodies established under the ASIC Act (21 June 2017)
  • Statutory oversight of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the Takeovers Panel and the Corporations Legislation (21 June 2017)

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit

  • Executive Minutes on reports Nos 451, 452, 456, 457 and 458 (22 June 2017)

Delegation reports presented

There were no delegation reports presented

Appointment and discharge of members

The Chief Opposition Whip nominated Mrs Wicks to be a member of the Standing Committee on Petitions in place of Mr Vasta (21 June 2017)

Senate messages were reported informing the House of changes to membership of certain committees (22 June 2017)

Other committee business

A Message from the Senate was reported informing the House that the Senate had agreed to a resolution establishing the Joint Select Committee on oversight of the implementation of redress related recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, following the tabling of the final report of the Royal Commission (20 June 2017)

Joint Committee of Public Accounts and Audit—Report 461: Commonwealth Risk Management: Inquiry based on Auditor-General’s report 18 (2015-16) (Resumption of debate, 20 June 2017

Mr Vasta, Chair of the Standing Committee on Petitions, presented petitions and Ministers' responses to petitions previously presented to the House (19 June 2017)

Standing Committee of Privileges and Members’ Interests—Register of Members’ Interests—Notifications of alterations of interests received during the period 29 March 2017 and 20 June 2017 (22 June 2017)

The Speaker presented the Schedule of outstanding Government responses to reports of House of Representatives and joint committees, also incorporating reports tabled and details of Government responses made in the period between 1 December 2016, the date of the last schedule, and 21 June 2017 (22 June 2017)

Ministerial statements

There were no ministerial statements made

Matters of Public Importance discussed

Schools (20 June 2017)

New financial year (21 June 2017)

New financial year (22 June 2017)

Private Members’ business

Private Members' motions

The following motions were moved and debated on 19 and 21 June 2017

Private Members' bills

The following bills were presented on 19 June 2017

Other opportunities for private Members

90 second statements in the House (19 June, 20 June, 21 June and 22 June 2017)

90 second statements in the Federation Chamber (19 June 2017)

Adjournment debate in the House (19 June, 20 June and 21 June 2017)

Adjournment debate in the Federation Chamber (22 June 2017)

Grievance debate (20 June and 21 June 2017)

Members’ constituency statements in the Federation Chamber (19 June, 20 June, 21 June and 22 June 2017)

Other business

Appointment of Parliamentary Budget Officer (19 June 2017)

Condolence motion in relation to the death of former Member the Honourable Concetto Antonio (Con) Sciacca AO, former Minister and Member for the Division of Bowman, 1987-1996 and 1998-2004, referred to the Federation Chamber (22 June 2017)

Suspension of standing orders to allow certain Members to speak for a period of no more than 15 minutes on the third reading of the Medicare Guarantee Bill 2017 (19 June 2017)

Suspension of standing orders to allow a motion to be moved in relation to the passage of a bill protecting workers from exploitation (21 June 2017)

Statement by the Speaker regarding privilege (22 June 2017

Statement by the Speaker regarding the records of the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (22 June 2017)

Statement in relation to the death of former Senator Mary Shirley Walters (21 June 2017)

Statements in relation to recent events in the United Kingdom (20 June 2017)

Statements on the motion to take note of the document—50th Anniversary of the 1967 Referendum and 25th Anniversary of the Mabo High Court decision—Ministerial statement (22 June 2017)