House of Representatives Committees

Environmental Management of Commonwealth Land


Canberra, Monday 4 November 1996

Department of Transport and Regional Development

Mr William Ellis, First Assistant Secretary, Corporate Management

Mr David Stephens, Director, Policy Development and Coordination

Mr Digby Habel, Assistant Director, Policy Development

Mr Daryl Quinlivan, Assistant Secretary, Land Transport Policy Division

Mr Stanley Marks, Acting Director, Rail Enterprise, Rail Branch

Mr Ted Milczarek, Director, Sydney West Airport Taskforce

Mr Joc White, Assistant Secretary, Airport Regulations

Mr Brian Munro, General Manager, Corporate and Commercial Services, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Department of Administrative Services

Mr Michael Deegan, Estate Manager, Estate Management Branch, Domestic Property Group

Mrs Mel Box, Estate Management Branch, Domestic Property Group

Mr Zygmunt Adamczyk, Technical Director, Centre for Environmental Management

Environment Australia

Mr Mark Hyman, Assistant Secretary, Waste Management Branch

Canberra, Thursday 7 November 1996

Department of Defence

Mr Geoff Davis, Assistant Secretary, Resources and Project Management, Facilities and Properties Division

Mr Ross Bain, Acting Assistant Secretary, Estate Management

Canberra, Monday 2 December 1996

Australian National Audit Office

Mr Alan Greenslade, Acting Group Director, Performance Audit Business Unit

Mr Michael Lewis, Executive Director, Performance Audit Business Unit

Mr Peter McVay, Senior Director, Performance Audit Business Unit

Department of Communications and the Arts

Mr John Neil, Assistant Secretary, Enterprise and Radiocommuinications Branch

Mr Gregory McAdoo, Assistant General Manager, National Transmission Agency

Mr Harald Korte, Manager, Risk and Environment, Australia Post

Mr Michael McCloskey, Manager, Board and Liaison, Australia Post

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