Appendix 2

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Appendix 2

Witnesses who gave evidence at public hearings

Sydney, 9 October 2008

GARDINI, Mr Robert Charles, Private capacity

The Cheesecake Shop Pty Ltd
KONOPACKI, Mr Warwick, Joint Managing Director
MEAGHER, Mr David, Independent Director

Competitive Foods Australia Pty Ltd
CASTLE, Mr Timothy David, General Manager, Business Development, and General Counsel
COWIN, Mr John James, Chairman
PARKER, Mr Ian, Group General Manager

Shopping Centre Council of Australia
COCKBURN, Mr Milton, Executive Director
SPEED, Mr Peter Stuart, Solicitor, Speed and Stracey Lawyers, acting on behalf of Shopping Centre Council of Australia

PENGILLEY, Professor Warren James, Private capacity

TERRY, Professor Andrew, Private capacity

BUCHAN, Ms Jennifer Mary (Jenny), Private capacity

Motor Traders Association of New South Wales
McCALL, Mr James, Chief Executive Officer
ROBINSON, Mr Andrew, Consultant
SMITH, Mr David, Senior Manager, Divisional Services
WAY, Mr Nicholas, Consultant


Brisbane, 10 October 2008

FRAZER, Professor Lorelle, Private capacity

National Retail Association Ltd
BLACK, Mr Gary David, Executive Director

Franchisees Association of Australia Inc.
BEDDALL, the Hon. David, President

SPENCER, Dr Elizabeth, Private capacity

DLA Phillips Fox
CONAGHAN, Mr Anthony James, Partner, Co-chair Franchise Group

Eagle Boys Dial-A-Pizza Australia Pty Ltd
STEWART, Mr Murray John, General Manager Corporate
VINE, Ms Shirley Hane, In-house lawyer

IndCorp Franchisees Association of Australasia
FISHER, Mr Greg, Secretary
STEGGALL, Ms Zali, Barrister


Canberra, 17 October 2008

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research
FREEMAN, Ms Julia, Manager, Competition Team, Industry and Small Business Policy Division
GREENWELL, Mr Tony, General Manager, Business Conditions Branch, Industry and Small Business Policy Division
WESTON, Ms Susan, Head, Industry and Small Business Policy Division, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research

Motor Trades Association of Australia
DELANEY, Mr Michael, Executive Director
GARDINI, Mr Robert, Solicitor
SCANLAN, Ms Sue, Deputy Executive Director

Service Station Association Ltd
BOWDEN, Mr Ron, Chief Executive Officer

McDonald’s Australia Ltd
MALONEY, Mr Philip, General Counsel
MULLEN, Ms Kristene, Vice-President, and Director, Corporate Communications

DE LEEUW, Ms Deanne, Private capacity

Yum Restaurants Australia
BALADI, Mr Albert, Managing Director
BRYDEN, Mr Nick, Chief Legal Officer

Australia Post
RAMM, Mr Paul Damien, Manager, Retail Channel
STAUNTON, Mr Scott James, Deputy General Counsel, Legal Services Group


Melbourne, 5 November 2008

Australian Retailers Association
EVANS, Mr Richard, Executive Director

Franchise Council of Australia
O'BRIEN, Mr John, Chairman
GILES, Mr Stephen, Legal Committee Chair
MELHEM, Mr Tony, Franchisees Forum Chair
WRIGHT, Mr Steve, Executive Director

Post Office Agents Association Ltd (POAAL)
KERR, Mr Ian, Chief Executive Officer
MCGRATH-KERR, Mrs Marie, Chairman

South Australian Parliamentary Committee  on Economics and Finance

HACKETT, Mr Rodney, Private capacity

BELLIN, Mr Howard, Chairman, IF International Pty Ltd; and Private capacity

SAMUEL, Mr Graeme, Chairman
CASSIDY, Mr Brian, Chief Executive Officer
SCHAPER, Dr Michael, Deputy Chairman
RIDGWAY, Mr Nigel, General Manager, Compliance Strategies Branch


Transcripts of the public hearings were published on the inquiry webpage at:

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