House of Representatives Committees

Joint Standing Committee on Public Works

RAAF Base Richmond Reinvestment Project, Richmond, NSW


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations and copies of those submissions which have been provided in electronic format are available on this site. All submissions are available from the Committee Secretariat.

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No Received from
1 Department of Defence (PDF 155KB)
Annex A - RAAF Base Richmond Location (PDF 80KB)
Annex B - RAAF Base Richmond Existing Base Layout (PDF 109KB)
Annex C-1 - Proposed Works - Eastern Portion (PDF 88KB)
Annex C-2 - Proposed Works - Western Portion (PDF 103KB)
Annex D - Number 36 & 37 Squadron Headquarters Complex Concept (PDF 110KB)
Annex E - Mechanical Equipment Operations & Maintenance Section, Concepts (PDF 114KB)
Annex F - Ablutions Facility Concept (Typical) (PDF 35KB)
2 Mr Kerry Bartlett MP, Federal Member for Macquarie (PDF 573KB)
3 Hawkesbury Economic Development Advisory Committee (PDF 60KB)
4 GROW Employment Council (PDF 47KB)
5 Hawkesbury City Council (PDF 37KB)
6 Australian Heritage Commission (PDF 181KB)
7 Department of Defence (supplemenatry) (PDF 344KB)
8 Department of Defence (supplemenatry) (PDF 256KB)
9 Department of Defence (supplemenatry) (PDF 263KB)
10 Department of Defence (supplemenatry) (PDF 269KB)
11 Department of Defence (supplemenatry) (PDF 296KB)

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