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Joint Standing Committee on Treaties
Committee activities (inquiries and reports)

Report 74 Treaty tabled on 28 March 2006

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May 2006


© Commonwealth of Australia 2006
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Membership of the Committee
Resolution of appointment
List of abbreviations
List of recommendation
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Agreement for Establishment of the Global Crop Diversity Trust
Appendix A - Submissions
Appendix B - Witnesses

Membership of the Committee


Dr Andrew Southcott MP


Deputy Chair

Mr Kim Wilkie MP



Hon Dick Adams MP

Senator Andrew Bartlett


Mr Michael Johnson MP

Senator Carol Brown


Mr Michael Keenan MP

Senator Brett Mason


Mrs Margaret May MP

Senator Julian McGauran


Ms Sophie Panopoulos MP

Senator Glenn Sterle


Mr Bernie Ripoll MP

Senator Russell Trood


Hon Bruce Scott MP

Senator Dana Wortley




Committee Secretariat

Acting Secretary

Janet Holmes
(from 1/5/2006 )


Gillian Gould
(until 28/4/2006 )

Inquiry Secretary

Stephanie Mikac

Research Officer

Serica Mackay

Administrative Officer

Heidi Luschtinetz

Resolution of appointment

The Resolution of Appointment of the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties allows it to inquire into and report upon:

  1. matters arising from treaties and related National Interest Analyses and proposed treaty actions presented or deemed to be presented to the Parliament;
  2. any question relating to a treaty or other international instrument, whether or not negotiated to completion, referred to the committee by:
    1. either House of the Parliament, or
    2. a Minister; and
  3. such other matters as may be referred to the committee by the Minister for Foreign Affairs and on such conditions as the Minister may prescribe.

List of abbreviations


Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research


Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering


Australian Agency for International Development


Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research


Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry


United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization


Global Crop Diversity Trust


International Agricultural Research Centre


International Plant Genetic Resources Institute


National Interest Analysis


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


United States of America

List of recommendations

2 Agreement for Establishment of the Global Crop Diversity Trust

Recommendation 1

The Committee supports the Agreement for Establishment of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, done at Rome on 1 April 2004 and recommends that binding treaty action be taken.

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