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Appendix B – Public Hearings

Monday, 29 November 2010 - Cairns

Aurukun Shire Council

Mr Neville Pootchemanuka, Mayor

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation P/L

Mr Gerhardt Pearson, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Terry Piper, Chief Operating Officer

Cape York Land Council

Mrs Lucy Hobson, Traditional Owner

Mr Greg Pascoe, Traditional Owner

Cape York Sustainable Futures

Mrs Margot Richardson, Finance - Audit Committee Chair

Mr Robert Sullivan Bob, Acting CEO - Treasurer

Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation

Mr Jimmy Richards, Ranger Coordinator

Social Responsibilities Committee of Anglican Church

Mr Peter Pearce, Director Social Justice Advocacy, Diocese of Brisbane

Tuesday, 30 November 2010 - Weipa


Mr David Donald

Mrs Kakie Hausia

Miss Dawn Koondunbun, Traditional Owner

Miss Tracey Ludwick

Mr Peter Miller

Miss Phonda Parry

Mrs Maleta West

Miss Phyllis Yukaporta, Traditional Owner

Ankomuthi Traditional Owners Groups

Mr Larry Woosup, Native Title Clamonts

Cape York Regional Board

Mr Dick Foster, Board Member, Tourism and Industry

N.Q, Civil Engineering Contracting P/L

Mr Greg Williams, Operations Manager

Napoon Deposit Trustee

Mr Sylvester Blanco, Trustee

Taepithggi People

Mr Cecil Arthur, Ranger S.I.W.R

Wednesday, 1 December 2010 - Bamaga

Apudhama Land Trust

Mr Wally Moses, Ranger

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council

Mr Alex Barker, Director

Mr Joseph Elu, Mayor

Mr Danny Sebasio, Deputy CEO

Monday, 7 March 2011 - Chuulangun


Mr David Claudie, Chief Executive Officer

Ewamian Aboriginal Corporation

Mr Jimmy Richards, Ranger Coordinator

Wik Projects

Ms Gina Castelain, Managing Director

Tuesday, 8 March 2011 - Cairns


Mr Harold Ludwick

Bana Yarralji Bubu Inc

Mr Peter Wallace, Ranger Supervisor

Ms Marilyn Wallace, Executive Officer

Mr Bruce White, Anthropologist, Nyungkal Ranger Service

Cairns Regional Council

Ms Katrina Houghton, Senior Economics Development

Cape York Sustainable Futures

Mrs Patricia Anne Butler, Chief Executive Officer

Mr Bryan Cifuentes, Board Member

Cook Shire Council

Councillor Colin Burns

Island & Cape

Mr John Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Kulla Land Trust

Mrs Agnes Creek, Councillor

Mr Peter Kyle, Chairman

Mr David Yarrow

Lockhart River Aboriginal Shire Council

Mr Rodney Accoom, Mayor

Mr Peter Opio-Otim, Chief Executive Officer

Ms Veronica Piva, Councillor

Mr Paul Piva, Councillor

Wednesday, 9 March 2011 - Brisbane


Mr Andrew Barger, Industry Policy

Mr Andrew Luttrall

Mr Nigel Parratt, Rivers Project Officer

Mr Glenn Walker

Australia Zoo

Mr Barry Lyon

Indigenous Land Corporation

Mr David Galvin, Chief Executive Officer

Queensland Resources Council

Ms Frances Hayter

Queensland Government

Mr John Bradley, Director General

Mr Scott Buchanan, Wild Rivers Team

The Wilderness Society

Mr Anthony Exposito, National Manager

Wilderness Society

Dr Tim Seelig, Manager

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 - Canberra


Dr Christopher McGrath

AgForce Queensland

           Mr Drew Wagner


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