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The Committee encourages submissions to its inquiry from a wide range of individuals and organisations. We prefer submissions lodged by email in an electronic format.

Submissions to this inquiry are listed below in Portable Document Format (PDF). If an alternative format (ie, hard copy or large print) is required, please contact the Committee Secretariat. More submissions will be added to the list when they are received and authorised for publication.

For more information on submissions, please refer to our brochure on preparing a submission.

To view or print the submissions, you will need Adobe Acrobat® PDF Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe

There is currently a total of 235 submissions and 17 supplementary submissions in the following list.

  1. Senetas (PDF 262KB)

  2. East Metropolitan Regional Council (PDF 341KB)

  3. Cassowary Coast Regional Council (PDF 324KB)

  4. Port Macquarie Hastings Council (PDF 249KB)

  5. The Hills Shire Council (PDF 299KB)

  6. Gloucester Shire Council (PDF 314KB)

  7. Canterbury City Council (PDF 691KB)

  8. City of Victor Harbor (PDF 125KB)

  9. Regional Development Australia - Whyalla & Eyre Peninsula (PDF 1,094KB)

  10. Infrastructure Australia (PDF 566KB)

  11. Cr Jon Barrell (PDF 123KB)

  12. Mr Andrew Freeman (PDF 95KB)

  13. Mr Lidio Bertelli (PDF 121KB)

  14. East Gippsland Shire Council (PDF 119KB)

  15. Mr Hugh Dakin (PDF 93KB)

  16. Eviva Pty Ltd (PDF 160KB)

  17. Mr Tom Worthington (PDF 306KB)

  18. Mr Darren Merritt (PDF 118KB)

  19. Mr Chris Avram (PDF 113KB)

  20. Ms Kristina Starnawski (PDF 98KB)

  21. Mr Ross Hampton (PDF 111KB)

  22. FNQ Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 168KB)

  23. Dr Deb Foskey (PDF 105KB)

  24. AgForce Queensland (PDF 255KB)

  25. Mr Vincent Mumford (PDF 134KB)

  26. Mr Ken Williams (PDF 112KB)

  27. University of Wollongong (PDF 133KB)

  28. Mr Mark Freeman (PDF 145KB)

  29. South West Group (PDF 533KB)

  30. Ms Jan van Egmond (PDF 103KB)

  31. McKinlay Shire Council (PDF 525KB)

    31.1 Supplementary Submission McKinlay Shire Council (PDF 221KB)

  32. Mr Paul Berkman (PDF 98KB)

  33. Dr F.S Fisher (PDF 113KB)

  34. Greater Hume Shire Council (PDF 3,956KB)

  35. SAIC Pty Ltd (PDF 1,397KB)

  36. Robin & Bernard Terry (PDF 158KB)

  37. Art when you need it (PDF 112KB)

  38. Ms Sherry Stumm (PDF 115KB)

  39. Kiama Municipal Council (PDF 196KB)

  40. Wheatbelt East Regional Organisations of Councils (PDF 193KB)

  41. Regional Development Australia Moreton Bay Inc (PDF 742KB)

  42. Dr Marcus Bowles (PDF 383KB)

  43. Get Connected (PDF 209KB)

  44. Tweed Shire Council (PDF 940KB)

  45. University of Tasmania (PDF 324KB)

  46. AARNet Pty Ltd (PDF 173KB)

  47. Mr Peter Friis (PDF 236KB)

  48. La Trobe University (PDF 2,080KB)

  49. Toowoomba Regional Council (PDF 204KB)

  50. City of Prospect (PDF 719KB)

  51. Destination Tweed Inc (PDF 139KB)

  52. Eurobodalla Shire Council (PDF 632KB)

  53. National & State Libraries Australasia (PDF 219KB)

  54. Narrabri Shire Council (PDF 2,260KB)

  55. Regional Development Australia Northern Rivers NSW (PDF 938KB)

  56. Warringah Council (PDF 2,569KB)

  57. Regional Development Australia Central Coast NSW Inc (PDF 437KB)

  58. The Royal Australasian College of Physicians (PDF 166KB)

  59. North Coast TAFE (PDF 133KB)

  60. Australian Institute of Marine Science (PDF 237KB)

  61. Deakin University (PDF 639KB)

  62. Whitsunday Hinterland and Mackay Bowen Regional Organisation of Councils (PDF 213KB)

  63. Ballarat ICT Limited (PDF 192KB)

  64. PSMA Australia Limited (PDF 151KB)

  65. Screenrights (PDF 1,338KB)

  66. City of Greater Geelong (PDF 1,583KB)

  67. City of Tea Tree Gully (PDF 173KB)

  68. Australian Images Photograph (PDF 179KB)

  69. Goondiwindi Regional Council (PDF 365KB)

  70. Redland City Council (PDF 450KB)

  71. Gold Coast City Council (PDF 1,065KB)

  72. The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering Ltd (PDF 210KB)

  73. Space Industry Innovation Council (PDF 187KB)

  74. Neuroscience Research Australia (PDF 789KB)

  75. Australian Medical Association (PDF 1,141KB)

  76. Medical Technology Association of Australia (PDF251KB)

  77. Upper Lachlan Shire Council (PDF 224KB)

  78. Coffs Harbour City Council (PDF 213KB)

  79. Royal College of Nursing Australia (RCNA) (PDF 363KB)

  80. CAUDIT Inc (PDF 169KB)

  81. Penrith City Council (PDF 987KB)

  82. Indigenous Remote Communications Association (PDF 207KB)

  83. City of Ipswich (PDF 1,347KB)

  84. Institute for a Broadband-Enabled Society (PDF 709KB)

    84.1 Supplementary Submission Institute for a Brandband-Enabled Society (PDF 101KB)

  85. James Cook University (PDF 150KB)

  86. Siemens Ltd (PDF 339KB)

  87. Rural Health Education Foundation (PDF 151KB)

  88. Ms Aishia Trueman (PDF 99KB)

  89. Intersect Australia Ltd (PDF 143KB)

  90. Regional Development Australia Illawarra (PDF 144KB)

  91. Curtin University (PDF 131KB)

    91.1 Supplementary Submission Curtin University (PDF 207KB)

  92. Copyright Agency Limited (PDF 178KB)

  93. The University of Newcastle (PDF 579KB)

  94. Space Industry Association of Australia (PDF 118KB)

  95. Central Local Government Region South Australia (PDF 247KB)

  96. Mr Daniel Bryar (PDF 131KB)

  97. Illawarra Business Chamber (PDF 901KB)

  98. Hobart City Council (PDF 975KB)

  99. Central NSW Councils (Centroc) (PDF 965KB)

  100. Moreland City Council (PDF 207KB)

  101. Australasian Telehealth Society (PDF 278KB)

  102. APESMA (PDF 157KB)

  103. Regional Development Australia Limestone Coast (PDF 145KB)

  104. Southern Adelaide Economic Development Board (PDF 299KB)

  105. Huawei Technologies (PDF 505KB)

  106. National Library of Australia (PDF 401KB)

  107. University of Western Sydney (PDF 1,470KB)

  108. Australian Content Industry Group (PDF 236KB)

  109. Thales Australia (PDF 150KB)

  110. High Country Councils Coalition (PDF 465KB)

  111. IT Industry Innovation Council (PDF 862KB)

  112. Australian Recording Industry Association (PDF 1,113KB)

  113. Regional Development Australia Tasmania (PDF 325KB)

  114. The University of Sydney (PDF 144KB)

  115. Community and Public Service Union (PDF 165KB)

  116. Shellharbour City Council (PDF 97KB)

  117. NSW Health (PDF 718KB)

  118. Logan City Council (PDF 3,201KB)

  119. Australian Federation of Deaf Societies (PDF 938KB)

  120. The University of Melbourne (PDF 1,295KB)

  121. Regional Development Australia Yorke and Mid North - Clare Office (PDF 8,920KB)

  122. Southern Cross University (PDF 185KB)

  123. Diamond Valley College (PDF 320KB)

  124. Australian Information & Communication Technology in Education Committee (PDF 243KB)

  125. Society for Knowledge Economics (PDF 211KB)

  126. City of Greater Dandenong (PDF 103KB)

  127. Regional Development Australia Far West NSW (PDF 252KB)

  128. Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (PDF 291KB)

  129. Copper Development Centre Australia Ltd (PDF 413KB)

  130. Bass Coast Shire Council (PDF 291KB)

  131. NCVER (PDF 159KB)

  132. Mildura Development Corporation (PDF 194KB)

  133. Regional Development Australia and Regional Development Victoria Loddon Mallee (PDF 2,207KB)

  134. Smartnet Pty Ltd (PDF 197KB)

  135. Municipal Association of Victoria (PDF 158KB)

  136. Australian Publishers Association (PDF 2,885KB)

  137. Moreton Bay Regional Council (PDF 396KB)

  138. Forbes Shire Council (PDF 634KB)

  139. Australian Local Government Association (PDF 996KB)

  140. Regional Development Australia Mid North Coast NSW (PDF 169KB)

  141. Eastern Regional Corridor (PDF 1,119KB)

  142. Infonomics Pty Ltd (PDF 190KB)

  143. National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 112KB)

    143.1 Supplementary Submission National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 9,905KB)

    143.2 Supplementary Submission National Rural Health Alliance Inc (PDF 118KB)

  144. Dr Peter Hill (PDF 114KB)

  145. RAPAD (PDF 723KB)

  146. Australian Computer Society (PDF 161KB)

  147. City of Geraldton-Greenough (PDF 9,323KB)

  148. Music Council of Australia (PDF 153KB)

    148.1 Supplementary Submission Music Council of Australia (PDF 244KB)

  149. Regional Development Australia South West (PDF 164KB)

  150. City of Playford (PDF 101KB)

  151. Dubbo City Council (PDF 414KB)

  152. Ms Lucy Cradduck (PDF 160KB)

  153. The University of Queensland (PDF 535KB)

  154. Regional Development Australia Wheatbelt (PDF 448KB)

  155. Confidential

  156. Mr Paul Woodhouse (PDF 90KB)

  157. Mr David Abrahams (PDF 174KB)

  158. Mr Darko Reljic (PDF 122KB)

  159. The Hutchins School (PDF 442KB)

  160. Ms Claire Stock (PDF 94KB)

  161. Alternative Technology Association (PDF 133KB)

  162. Museums Australia (PDF 226KB)

  163. Adult Learning Australia (PDF 146KB)

  164. Physical Disability Australia Ltd (PDF 2332KB)

  165. City of Mandurah (PDF 221KB)

  166. Department of Finance and Deregulation (PDF 1,170KB)

  167. Goondiwindi Training & Technology (PDF 956KB)

  168. Council of Australasian Museum Directors (PDF 249KB)

  169. Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government (PDF 258KB)

    169.1 Supplementary Submission Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government (PDF 97KB)

  170. Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS) (PDF 127KB)

  171. CSIRO (PDF 822KB)

    171.1 Supplementary Submission CSIRO (PDF 110KB)

  172. The Australian Society for Medical Research (PDF 124KB)

  173. The Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC) (PDF 103KB)

    173.1 Supplementary Submission The Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre (TECC) (PDF 155KB)

  174. Swinburne University (PDF 103KB)

  175. Peel SeniorNet Association (PDF 156KB)

  176. Australian Telecommunications Users Group Limited (PDF 119KB)

  177. University of Technology, Sydney (PDF 171KB)

  178. Town of Kwinana (PDF 1,143KB)

  179. Optus (PDF 197KB)

    179.1 Supplementary Submission Optus (PDF 107KB)

  180. RMIT University (PDF 1,813KB)

  181. Brisbane City Council (PDF 1,090KB)

    181.1 Supplementary Submission Brisbane City Council (PDF 124KB)

  182. NSW Farmers' Association (PDF 232KB)

  183. Open Universities Australia (PDF 682KB)

    183.1 Supplementary Submission Open Universities Australia (PDF 146KB)

  184. Australian Information Industry Association (PDF 394KB)

  185. Communications Alliance Ltd (PDF 458KB)

  186. Department of Human Services (PDF 176KB)

  187. Communications, Electrical and Plumbing Union (PDF 576KB)

  188. Sunshine Coast Regional Council (PDF 188KB)

  189. CA Technologies (PDF 833KB)

  190. Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (PDF 475KB)

    190.1 Supplementary Submission Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism (PDF 110KB)

  191. University of New England (PDF 263KB)

  192. Gunning and District Chamber of Commerce Inc (PDF 208KB)

  193. Regional Development Australia Barossa Inc (PDF 367KB)

  194. Inspire Foundation (PDF 377KB)

  195. Government of South Australia (PDF 4,544KB)

  196. Cooperative Research Centres Committee (PDF 154KB)

  197. National Farmers' Federation (PDF 303KB)

  198. National ICT Australia (PDF 453KB)

  199. Townsville City Council (PDF 934KB)

  200. University of Technology, Sydney (PDF 298KB)

  201. Consumer e-Health Alliance (PDF 135KB)

    201.1 Supplementary Submission Consumer e-Health Alliance (PDF 247KB)

    201.2 Supplementary Submission Consumer e-Health Alliance (PDF 237KB)

  202. Regional Development Australia Townsville and North West Queensland Inc (PDF 1,651KB)

  203. Innovative Synergies (PDF 283KB)

  204. Cairns Regional Council (PDF 4,674KB)

  205. Monash University (PDF 1,281KB)

  206. The Alannah and Madeline Foundation (PDF 462KB)

  207. Business Council of Australia (PDF 173KB)

  208. Knox City Council (PDF 1,817KB)

  209. Northern Territory Government (PDF 122KB)

  210. Leukaemia Foundation (PDF 155KB)

  211. Regional Telecommunications Review Committee (PDF 109KB)

  212. Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 841KB)

    212.1 Supplementary Submission Department of Health and Ageing (PDF 201KB)

  213. Department of Infrastructure and Transport (PDF 7,441KB)

  214. Department of Immigration and Citizenship (PDF 248KB)

  215. Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (PDF 2,796KB)

    215.1 Supplementary Submission Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (PDF 118KB)

  216. Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) (PDF 612KB)

  217. Murrindindi Shire Council (PDF 226KB)

  218. Regional Development Australia - Far North Queensland and Torres Strait Inc (PDF 710KB)

  219. Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (PDF 281KB)

  220. Western Downs Regional Council (PDF 307KB)

  221. Eastern Regional Libraries Corporation (PDF KB)

  222. Mr Simon Ow (PDF 2,520KB)

  223. Port Stephens Council (PDF 381KB)

  224. Internode and Agile (PDF 316KB)

  225. Contract I.T. Pty Ltd (PDF 206KB)

  226. Mr Alun Davies (PDF 6,470KB)

  227. ACT Government (PDF 1,417KB)

  228. Prof Steven Tingay (PDF 114KB)

  229. 1Spatial Australia Pty Ltd (PDF 94KB)

  230. Department of Defence (PDF 436KB)

  231. (PDF 1,078KB)

  232. Australia Council for the Arts and Regional Arts Australia (PDF 243KB)

  233. Google Australia and New Zealand (PDF 1,136KB)

  234. The Victorian Government (PDF 2,410KB)

  235. National Tourism Alliance (PDF 1,334KB)

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