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Membership of the Committee
Terms of reference
List of abbreviations
Chapter 1 Background
Chapter 2 Barriers to green procurement
Chapter 3 Setting a policy framework
Appendix A – ANAO recommendations

Membership of the Committee


Dr Mal Washer MP


Deputy Chair

Ms Jennie George MP



Mr Russell Broadbent MP

Hon Duncan Kerr MP


Hon Warren Entsch MP (from 9/2/06 )

Mr Stewart McArthur MP


Ms Kelly Hoare MP

Mr Ken Ticehurst MP (from 9/5/06 )


Mr Harry Jenkins MP

Mr Malcolm Turnbull MP (to 9/2/06 )


Hon Jackie Kelly MP (to 9/5/06 )

Mr Jason Wood MP

Committee Secretariat


Mr Ian Dundas

Inquiry Secretary

Ms Sarah Fielder

Research Officer

Ms Samantha Mannette

Administrative Officer

Mrs Marlene Dundas



Terms of Reference

Sustainability Charter inquiry

On 12 September 2005 the House of Representatives Standing Committee tabled the Sustainable Cities report. The committee called for the development of a Sustainability Charter based on measurable outcomes, over a certain period, with intermediate milestones.

The charter should be aspirational. It must provide targets for the Australian community to meet and, once those targets have been met they must be re-assessed so new targets can be put in place.

The Committee is now inquiring into and will report on key elements of a sustainability charter and identify the most important and achievable targets, particularly in relation to:

Review of Audit Report No. 22, 2005-2006

As part of the inquiry, the committee also resolved to inquire into the Auditor-General’s report on Green Office Procurement (number 22 of 2005-2006), tabled in the House of Representatives on 7 February 2006. This resolution was made in accordance with standing order 215, which provides for a standing committee to inquire into reports of the Auditor-General presented to the House.

List of abbreviations


Australian National Audit Office


Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Act 1997


Chief Executive Instructions


Department of the Environment and Heritage


Environmental Management System


Ecologically Sustainable Development


Financial Management and Accountability Act 1997


Triple bottom line

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