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Appendix D: Exhibits

1            Outback Stores

              Barunga Outback Blitz

2            Outback Stores

              Various public documents by Outback Stores

3            Kimberley Aged and Community Services

              Making a difference in Indigenous health - Some cost-effective recommendations

4            The Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation

              The Foodcard Story

5            Stantons International

              Briefing Paper

6            Ms Rita Kebisu

              Eat Well, Be Active - Healthy Kids for Life Badu Island - Summary

7            Mr Adam Adams

              Gourmet to Go

8            Nganampa Health Council

              Mai Wiru: Process and Policy 2002

9            Nganampa Health Council

              Mai Wiru: Stores Handbook - Food and Nutrition October 2005

10          Nganampa Health Council

              Market Basket Survey March 2009

11          Nganampa Health Council

              Mai Wiru Store Policy Unit: Mimili Store visit 3rd March 2009

12          Mr Greg Guimelli

              Price comparison - Alice Springs and Papunya

13          Centrefarm Aboriginal Horticulture Limited

              Information brief on Centrefarm and the growing to grow project

15          Yuenumu Mining Company N.L.

              Yuenumu Market Basket Survey, April 2009

16          Yuenumu Mining Company N.L.

              Correspondence regarding income management

17          Centre for Appropriate Technology

              Investing in the Outback: A Framework on Indigenous Development within Australian

18          Centre for Appropriate Technology

              Bushlight project information

19          CONFIDENTIAL

20          Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council

              Maiku Kulintjaku: Food for Thought DVD

21          Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Women's Council

              Top 10 Sellers in NPY Communities in March 2009

22          CONFIDENTIAL

23          CONFIDENTIAL

24          National Rural Health Alliance

              10th National Rural Health Conference - Cairns 17-20 May 2009 Communiqué

25          RIG Network Project

              Remote Indigenous Gardens Network

26A       Western Australian Government

              Book Up - Discussion paper

26B        Western Australian Government et al

              Summary of Main Findings of Review of the Practice of Book Up

26C       Western Australian Government

              Book Up - Summary report on consultation

27          CONFIDENTIAL

28          CONFIDENTIAL

29A       Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

              Map: Fitzroy Communities

29B        Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

              Table: Accessibility of Fitzroy Valley Communities

29C       Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

              Market Basket Survey: Kimberley Stores and State National Outlets

29D       Nindilingarri Cultural Health Service

              Photos: Fire at Fitzroy Crossing Supermarket

30          Sunrise Health Service Aboriginal Corporation

              An introduction to Sunrise Health Service

31A       Laynhapuy Homelands Association Incorporated

              Map: Laynhapuy Homelands Service Area

31B        Laynhapuy Homelands Association Incorporated

              Ganybu Sales and Distribution Service

31C       Laynhapuy Homelands Association Incorporated

              Briefing to Minister Macklin -  Ganybu Sales and Distribution Service

32          Foodbank WA

              Banking on Food: Official Bulletin of the Foodbank of WA, Autumn 2009 - Vol 1,2 Issue 1

33          RWM Consultancy

              RWM Consultancy - Power point presentation

34A       Kimberley Population Health Unit

              Graph: Comparison between contribution of fruit and vegetables to sugar and confectionary of total food expenditure by quarter

34B        Kimberley Population Health Unit

              Keeping track of healthy food: Monitoring and planning for better nutrition

34C       Kimberley Population Health Unit

              WA state isolated communities freight subsidy emergency management plan - November 1999

34D       Kimberley Population Health Unit

              The Remote Indigenous Stores and Takeaways (RIST) Project

34E        Kimberley Population Health Unit

              Book: Deadly Tucker - A Selection of Recipes from FOODCents for Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander people in WA

34F        Kimberley Population Health Unit

              DVD + Slides: RIST transport forum - 19th June 2006

34G       Kimberley Population Health Unit

              FOODcents for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in WA - Program Manual for Health Workers

35          Remote Community Management Services

              Financial reports from Uraro, Illawarra and Looma Enterprises store

36A       Australian Securities and Investments Commission

              Book Up: Some consumer problems March 2002

36B        Australian Securities and Investments Commission

              Comic: MOOLA TALK

36D       Australian Securities and Investments Commission

              Dealing with Book Up: A Guide

36E        Australian Securities and Investments Commission

              CD: Money Talks

37          Maningrida Progress Association Inc

              Maningrida Progress Association Inc: Information pack

38          Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

              Licensing template

39          Malabam Health Board

              Grocery cost comparison

40          National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Nutrition Strategy and Action Plan

              Survival Tucker: Improved diet and health indicators in an Aboriginal community

41          Burdon Torzillo Associates Pty Ltd

              Ownership Governance and Management of Stores on Remote Aboriginal Communities

42          Northern Territory Government

              A Territory Government Initiative - Working Future

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