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Developments in Australian refugee law and policy 2013–2016 312KB 75KB  22.09.2017
Syria: Australian military operations 312KB 75KB
Western Australia state election 2017 312KB 75KB
Update on Australian Government measures to counter violent extremism: a quick guide 312KB 75KB 18.08.2017
White Spot Disease in Australia up to 2017: a chronology 312KB 75KB 14.08.2017 
2017 Parliamentary remuneration and business resources: a quick guide 312KB 75KB
Youth unemployment statistics for small geographic areas: a quick guide 312KB 75KB 7.08.2017
What we know so far about the new Home Affairs portfolio: a quick guide 295KB 75KB
Private Health Insurance: a quick guide 295KB 75KB 4.08.2017
Student income support: a chronology 295KB 75KB
A quick guide to the history of proposals for an Australian department of homeland security 295KB 75KB 14.07.2017 
That’s it—I’m leaving: ministerial departures 1901–2017 295KB 75KB
Indigenous parliamentarians, federal and state: a quick guide 295KB 75KB 11.07.2017 
Election funding and disclosure in Australia: a quick guide to recent reforms and current issues 284KB 173KB 10.07.2017 
State Statistical Bulletin 2015-16 284KB 173KB 7.07.2017
State Statistical Bulletin 2016 284KB 173KB 6.07.2017
Double, double toil and trouble: the 2016 federal election 284KB 173KB 30.06.2017
Federal election 2016—Reissue 284KB 173KB 29.06.2017 
Trends in home ownership in Australia: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
International aged care: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Federal election results 1901–2016—Reissue 284KB 173KB 26.06.2017
Boat ‘turnbacks’ in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics since 2001 284KB 173KB
Media and communications resources and information: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
The Public Service Modernisation Fund: a quick guide 362KB 91KB 20.06.2017 
Uluru Statement: a quick guide 362KB 91KB 19.06.2017
Budget Review 2017–18 336KB  19.05.2017
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 336KB 79KB 16.05.2017
Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide 362KB 91KB 15.05.2017 
First, most and more: facts about the Federal Parliament 284KB 173KB
Pre-Budget snapshot of the Australian Economy: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 9.05.2017
The Commonwealth Budget: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 8.05.2017
Underemployment statistics: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 3.05.2017
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) and other student loans: a quick guide 284KB 173KB 2.05.2017
Forestry statistics: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Federal election 2016 284KB 173KB 7.04.2017
A quick guide to military anniversaries in 2017 284KB 173KB 3.04.2017
Federal election results 1901–2016 284KB 173KB 31.03.2017 
Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information 284KB 173KB
Anzac Day traditions and rituals: a quick guide 284KB 173KB
Military history: a quick guide to online resources 284KB 173KB 29.03.2017
Immigration detention in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 284KB 173KB
Kosher food certification in Australia: a quick guide 298KB 79KB 07.03.2017 
The National Disability Insurance Scheme: a quick guide 298KB 79KB 03.03.2017
A comparison of Coalition and Labor government asylum policies in Australia since 2001944KB 124KB 02.02.2017
Northern Territory election 2016 944KB 124KB 19.01.2017
Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 944KB 124KB 18.01.2017

Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information
Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information
Gallipoli: a quick guide to frequently asked questions and general information