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This page includes recently published Research Papers. The Parliamentary Library also publishes Bills Digests


Australia’s Humanitarian Program: a quick guide to the statistics since 1947 530KB 111KB 22.06.2016
Working Holiday Makers in Australia: a quick guide 530KB 111KB


Development and overseas aid statistics: a quick guide to key internet links 530KB 111KB
Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements: 2016 update 530KB 
The base salary for senators and members: 2016 update 530KB 
New South Wales state election 2015 530KB  31.05.2016
Australian climate change policy to 2015: a chronology 530KB 111KB 5.05.2016 
The 2016–17 Budget: a quick guide 440KB 90KB 4.05.2016
Budget Review 2016–17 4.05.2016
Financial System Legislation Amendment (Resilience and Collateral Protection) Bill 2016: a quick guide 342KB 90KB 4.05.2016
A guide to the Commonwealth Budget 318KB 72KB 26.04.2016
Anzac Day 2016 4MB 94KB 15.04.2016
Employment by industry statistics: a quick guide 322KB 94KB 14.04.2016
Indigenous parliamentarians, federal and state: a quick guide 295KB 75KB 11.04.2016
The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme: a quick guide 294KB 73KB 7.04.2016
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 336KB 79KB 5.04.2016
House of Representatives by-elections: 1901–2015 769KB 152KB 4.04.2016
State Statistical Bulletin 2015 716KB 942KB 31.03.2016
State Statistical Bulletin 2013–14 839KB 716KB 30.03.2016
Women in parliament and politics: a quick guide to key internet links 292KB 82KB 15.03.2016
Statistics on wages and gender: a quick guide 386KB 131KB 4.03.2016
Overseas students: immigration policy changes 1997–2015 629KB 135KB 25.02.2016
Traits and trends of Australia’s prime ministers, 1901 to 2015: a quick guide 513KB 658KB 3.02.2016
Media ownership and regulation: a chronology
Part one: from print to radio days and television nights
 2.03MB 660KB
School education: a quick guide to key internet links 302KB 72KB 1.02.2016
Community grants: a quick guide to key internet links 240KB 73KB 15.01.2016
What counts as welfare spending? 225KB 71KB 21.12.2015
Foreign affairs and overseas aid: a quick guide to key internet links 264KB 79KB 10.12.2015
Employment statistics: a quick guide 349KB 135KB 9.12.2015
Labour force statistics: a quick guide 372KB 152KB 9.12.2015
Long-term unemployment statistics: a quick guide 378KB 158KB 9.12.2015
Unemployment statistics: a quick guide 414KB 165KB 9.12.2015
Youth unemployment statistics: a quick guide 475KB 203KB 9.12.2015
Statistical snapshot: count of small businesses 256KB 69KB 3.12.2015
Statistical snapshot: small business employment contribution and workplace arrangements 265KB 96KB 2.12.2015
Statistical snapshot: small business contribution to economic performance in Australia 239KB 103KB 2.12.2015
Definitions and data sources for small business in Australia: a quick guide 302KB 181KB 1.12.2015
Domestic violence: issues and policy challenges 658KB 223KB 24.11.2015
Parliamentary relations: political families in the Commonwealth Parliament 323KB 90KB 9.11.2015
Burma’s 2015 national elections: a quick guide 520KB 78KB 5.11.2015
The Auditor-General 370KB 78KB 3.11.2015
Asylum seekers and refugees: a quick guide to key Parliamentary Library publications 259KB 80KB 16.10.2015
‘Islamic State’ in a zone of conflicts within conflicts 155KB 14.10.2015
Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers in Nauru and PNG: a quick guide to the statistics 340KB 240B 12.10.2015
2015 Queensland state election: an overview 457KB 134KB 17.09.2015
Boat arrivals and boat ‘turnbacks’ in Australia since 1976: a quick guide to the statistics 284KB 82KB 11.09.2015
Australian climate change policy to November 2013: a chronology 451KB 107KB 9.09.2015
Same-sex marriage: issues for the 44th Parliament 542KB 130KB 8.09.2015
Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 321KB 84KB 4.09.2015
Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide 362KB 91KB 24.08.2015
Defending Australia: a history of Australia’s defence white papers 1.15MB 2.27MB 20.08.2015
Permanent and temporary migration: a quick guide to key internet links 392KB 82KB 7.08.2015
Citizenship revocation on national security grounds: context and selected issues 392KB 68KB 3.08.2015
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