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The following publications are prepared by the Parliamentary Library’s Research Branch for the purpose of supporting the work of the Australian Parliament.

Bills Digests provide an independent perspective on legislation. They are written to assist members of Parliament in their consideration of Bills. Search Bills Digests 

Research Publications are written in areas where there is a high level of interest. Some publications provide an in-depth evaluation of an issue while others provide a factual overview. Browse by topic

Monthly Statistical Bulletin provides a collection of the latest economic and social statistics.

You can also search ParlInfo.  ParlInfo includes all library publications as well as Hansard, Bills, Committee documents and the Parliamentary Handbook.

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What is the Parliamentary Library?

The Parliamentary Library is part of the Department of Parliamentary Services and provides services to senators, members, their staff, the staff of parliamentary departments and the Governor-General. The first library services were delivered to federal parliament in 1901 and continue to provide significant support to parliament and the democratic process.

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