Powers, practice and procedure

House of Representatives Practice (6th Edition)

House of Representatives Practice 6th Edition cover image

House of Representatives Practice is the comprehensive and authoritative text on the procedure and practice of the House of Representatives.







House of Representatives Standing Orders

Sessional and Standing Orders cover image

The rules of procedure for the House of Representatives as at 26 March 2015.

Resolutions relating to the operation of the House are also published in the standing orders.







Guide to Procedures (5th Edition)

Guide to Procedures 5th Edition cover image

Guide to Procedures is a concise introduction to the procedures of the House of Representatives, intended for participants in and observers of proceedings in the Chamber of the House and the Federation Chamber.








Infosheets thumbnail image

This series of 22 Infosheets contains detailed information about the workings of the House. The information is suitable for students and people who want to know more about how the Parliament works. 






Procedural Digest

Procedural Digest image

The Procedural Digest is a record of selected procedural events in the House of Representatives Chamber and the Federation Chamber. It includes Speaker's rulings, precedents and unusual situations.

The Procedural Digest is published at the conclusion of a House sitting week or fortnight.






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