House of Representatives Committees

House Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation

Inquiry into hazardous chemicals

Second Report

On 9 December 1982, the House Standing Committee on Environment and Conservation tabled its second report entitled Hazardous chemicals .

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This report is available in two parts to reduce download size.
If you have difficulty accessing the report, please contact the Committee Office.

This report is comprised of preliminary pages,14 chapters and 11 appendices.

Hazardous chemicals

Part A: Preliminary pages up to Chapter 7 (PDF 5783KB)
Terms of Reference, List of Abbreviations, Glossary, Contents, Summary, List of Recommendations

Ch1: Introduction

Ch2: Chemical control in other countries including international cooperation
Ch3: Present legislative and administrative arrangements
Ch4: Adequacy of existing arrangements
Ch5: Assessment

Ch6: Transport, storage and emergencies
Ch7: Information systems

Part B: Chapter 8 to Appendix 11 (end) (PDF 6398KB)

Ch8: Occupational health

Ch9: National occupational safety and health machinery

Ch10: Commonwealth functions
Ch11: Asbestos
Ch12: Coke oven emissions
Ch13: Lead
Ch14: 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T
Appendix 1: Conduct of the inquiry
Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: List of submissions
Appendix 4: Recommendations of AEC Working Group on Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals, 1977
Appendix 5: Sample safety information card of Standards Association of Australia
Appendix 6: NFPA Hazard symbol
Appendix 7: OSHA material safety data sheet format
Appendix 8: Code of general principles on occupational safety and health in Australian government employment
Appendix 9: Codes of practice and NH&MRC Occupational Health Guidelines gazetted for Commonwealth employment
Appendix 10: Specific industrial diseases for workers' compensation purposes
Appendix 11: Myers recommendations and responses

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