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Subject Presentation details* No. of signatures Further action
Exclusion of computation and information processing activities from patentable subject matter (PDF 109KB) 21 February 2011
28 February 2011
23 May 2011
Response from Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, dated 22 March 2011, presented 23 May 2011 (PDF 131KB)
Halal food labelling practices (PDF 71KB) Mr. L. Simpkins MP 24 August 2011
Response from Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, dated 15 September 2011, presented 31 October 2011 (PDF 77KB)
Requesting an immediate ban on the importation of primates for research purposes (PDF 108KB) Mr. M. Symon MP
23 November 2011
Oppostition to federal funding for a coal-fired power station in Victoria (PDF 32KB) Mr. K. Thomson MP, 9 February 2012

Response from Minister for Industry and Innovation, dated 28 February 2012, presented 19 March 2012 (PDF 59KB)

Response from Minister for Resources and Energy, dated 21 March 2012, presented 21 May 2012 (PDF 187KB)

The future of Australian car manufacturing industry assistance (PDF 53KB) Mr. D. Cheeseman MP, 16 February 2012 3,084 Response from Minister for Indutry and Innovation, dated 26 April 2012, presented 21 May 2012 (PDF 236KB)

*Presented in the House of Representatives by the Chair of the Petitions Committee, unless otherwise indicated

See also petitions presented during the 42nd Parliament (February 2008 - July 2010)

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