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Odgers' Australian Senate Practice - Thirteenth Edition

Annotated Standing Orders of the Australian Senate

Biographical Dictionary of the Australian Senate

There Being No Objection... An Australian Senate Miscellany

Stanley Bach, Platypus and Parliament - The Australian Senate in Theory and Practice

David Hamer, Can Responsible Government Survive In Australia?

Australia’s Magna Carta

This booklet chronicles the story behind the creation of Australia’s Magna Carta, the mystery of its appearance in 1936 in a Somerset school and the machinations leading to its purchase by the Australian government in 1952 for £12 500. Also included in the volume is the account of the ground-breaking preservation work carried out on the manuscript by scientists of the CSIRO and a full translation of the Latin text.

To order your copy of Australia’s Magna Carta at the price of $5.00 each including GST (paperback, 32pp), please complete the order form and forward to the Senate Procedure Office or visit the Parliament House Shop.

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House of Representatives Publications


House of Representatives Guide to Procedures

House of Representatives Standing and Sessional Orders

House for the Nation CD-ROM

About the House

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