Australian Parliamentary Fellow


Since 1971 a Political Science/Studies Fellowship has been available in the Commonwealth Parliament. The Australian Parliamentary Fellowship (APF) provides an opportunity to research and write on a broad range of issues and disciplines of interest to the Parliament.

Purpose of the Fellowship

The purpose of the Fellowship is to:
• contribute to scholarship on the Parliament and its work;
• promote knowledge and understanding of the Parliament;
• raise awareness of the role of the Library’s Research service;
• provide a researcher with work experience in the parliamentary environment; and
• support “early career” scholars.

Management of the Fellowship

The Australian Parliamentary Fellow is employed in the Research Branch of the Parliamentary Library in the Department of Parliamentary Services for a period of twelve months. The Fellowship is managed by the Parliamentary Library on behalf of the Parliament through an Australian Parliamentary Fellowship Sub-committee of the Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library.

Applicants will have a proven research and writing record, a capacity to deliver a quality monograph within the time frame of the Fellowship. Their project should relate to:

• the way that Parliament functions;
• the way that Senators and Members operate; or
• the way a broad issue in national politics is dealt with in Parliament.

Applications are open to individuals who have completed a PhD within the last three years.

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The Australian Parliamentary Fellow was not awarded in 2011 and is currently being reviewed.

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