House of Representatives Committees

Standing Committee on Procedure

Conduct of divisions

APPENDIX — Evidence received by the committee

List of submissions

Mr P J Andren MP

Mr L M Barlin — Clerk of the House of Representatives

Mr J W Bradford MP

Mr G Campbell MP

Hon. S F Crean — Manager of Opposition Business

Hon J J Fahey MP

Hon T A Fischer MP

Ms T Gambaro MP

Mrs E J Grace MP

Mr N J Hicks MP

Hon L S Leiberman MP

Mr P J Lindsay MP

Mr P Marek MP

Mr P E Nugent MP

Mr A C Rocher MP

Mr A C Smith MP

Mrs S N Stone MP

Mr C W Tuckey MP

Mr M A J Vaile MP

In addition the Clerk of the House, Mr L M Barlin, provided oral information to the Chair and to the committee.

Houses of Parliament which provided information

New Zealand House of Representatives

Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly

New South Wales Legislative Assembly

New South Wales Legislative Council

Northern Territory Legislative Assembly

Queensland Legislative Assembly

South Australian House of Assembly

South Australian Legislative Council

Tasmanian House of Assembly

Tasmanian Legislative Council

Victorian Legislative Assembly

Victorian Legislative Council

Western Australian Legislative Assembly

Western Australian Legislative Council

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