House of Representatives Committees

Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

Inquiry into Australia's Relations with the Middle East, including the Gulf region

Scheduled public hearings

The Committee will hold public hearings at the following locations.

Details of the witnesses at completed hearings are listed in the transcripts for the hearings. Copies of the transcripts will be available in either HTML or PDF format, or from the Committee Secretariat.

Date Location
Monday 19 June 2000 Canberra
Monday 26 June 2000 Canberra
Monday 24 July 2000 Melbourne
Tuesday 25 July 2000 Melbourne
Wednesday 26 July 2000 Sydney
Thursday 27 July 2000 Sydney
Thursday 14 September 2000 Canberra
Wednesday 15 November 2000 Brisbane
Thursday 16 November 2000 Adelaide
Friday 17 November 2000 Perth
Monday 26 February 2001 Canberra
Tuesday 20 March 2001 Canberra

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