Parliament House Art Collection

Arthur Boyd, untitled (design for the Great Hall Tapestry)

Arthur Boyd (1920-1999), Untitled (Shoalhaven Landscape) (detail from the design for the Great Hall tapestry), 1984, oil on canvas, Parliament House Art Collection


The Parliament House Art Collection is a public collection of significant heritage value, created specifically for Parliament House.  Read more about the sub-collections, and about what’s on display in the building, by clicking on the links below.


    Rotational Collection

    John Coburn, Death and Transfiguration, 1985, oil on canvas

    Read about artworks acquired for Parliament House

    Outdoor Sculpture

    Outdoor Sculpture

    Learn about artworks in the gardens and courtyards

    Tom Roberts’ Big Picture

    Tom Roberts’ Big Picture

    Find out about one of the treasures of the Collection


    One of the screens featured in the 'Parliamentarians who served' interactive kiosk - image features James Rowell,  Senator (SA)  NAT, 1917–1923

    Come and see the new display and multimedia kiosk at Parliament House, Commonwealth Parliamentarians who have served in war: the First World War. and the latest exhibitions in the Presiding Officers' Exhibition Area, Presented to the Prime Minister: official gifts and Pearls and Protocol: gifts of jewellery.

On Display

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