The Hon Martin Ferguson AM, MP

Martin Ferguson

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Former Member for Batman, Victoria

Australian Labor Party
House of Representatives

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Batman, Victoria


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Parliamentary service

  • Elected to the House of Representatives for Batman, Victoria, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2010. Retired prior to general elections 2013.

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Parliamentary appointments

  • Parliamentary Representative on the Council of the National Library of Australia from 9.8.99 to 13.5.08.

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Ministerial appointments

  • Minister for Resources and Energy from 3.12.07 to 25.3.13.
  • Minister for Tourism from 3.12.07 to 25.3.13.

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Committee service

  • House of Representatives Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 30.5.96 to 31.8.98; Procedure from 8.12.98 to 31.8.04; Privileges from 20.3.02 to 31.8.04; Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry from 2.12.04 to 17.10.07; Industry and Resources from 2.12.04 to 17.10.07.
  • Joint Standing: Migration from 17.11.97 to 31.8.98.

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Conferences, delegations and visits

  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to UK, Poland and Italy, June-July 2006.
  • Official visits to Japan, March 2008; Papua New Guinea, April 2008; East Timor, May 2008; Saudi Arabia and USA, June 2008; Japan and Thailand, August 2008; Hong Kong and China, August 2008; India, November 2008; Japan, November 2008; UK, December 2008; USA, January 2009; China and Korea, March-April 2009; Italy and Norway, May 2009; Egypt, June-July 2009; China, August 2009; Qatar, UK and France, October 2009; China, October 2009; USA, January 2010; India, February 2010; China, March 2010; New Zealand, December 2010; USA, January 2011; United Arab Emirates, April 2011; Taiwan, June-July 2011; Japan and Republic of Korea, July 2011; Indonesia, July-August 2011; Japan, September 2011; Brunei, China and Republic of Korea, September 2011; France and UK, October 2011; China and India, November 2011; USA, January 2012; Kuwait, March 2012; UK, April 2012; Thailand and China, May-June 2012; Russia and Norway, June 2012.

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Parliamentary party positions

  • Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 19.3.96 to 3.12.07. Shadow Minister for Employment and Training from 20.3.96 to 26.8.97; Shadow Minister for Employment, Training, Population and Immigration and Assistant to the Leader on Multicultural Affairs from 26.8.97 to 20.10.98; Shadow Minister for Employment, Training and Population from 20.10.98 to 3.10.99; Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Services and Population from 3.10.99 to 25.11.01; Shadow Minister for Regional and Urban Development, Transport and Infrastructure from 25.11.01 to 23.8.02; Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Transport, Infrastructure and Tourism from 23.8.02 to 2.7.03; Shadow Minister for Urban and Regional Development, Transport and Infrastructure from 2.7.03 to 26.10.04; Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Resources and Tourism from 26.10.04 to 24.6.05; Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Resources, Forestry and Tourism from 24.6.05 to 10.12.06; Shadow Minister for Transport, Roads and Tourism from 10.12.06 to 3.12.07.

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Party positions

  • Member, ALP from 1968.
  • Vice-President, ALP Guildford Branch 1972-74.
  • President, ALP Guildford Branch 1974-78.
  • Secretary, ALP Guildford Branch 1978-90.
  • Vice-President, ALP (NSW) 1983-90.
  • Delegate, Federal and State Electorate Councils.
  • Delegate, ALP State Conference (NSW).

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  • Born 12.12.1953, Sydney, NSW.
  • Married.

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Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc(Hons)(Syd).
  • Federal Research Officer, Miscellaneous Workers' Union 1975-81.
  • Assistant General Secretary, Miscellaneous Workers' Union 1981-84.
  • General Secretary, Miscellaneous Workers' Union 1984-90.
  • Member, Australian Council of Trade Unions Executive 1984-90.
  • Vice-President, Australian Council of Trade Unions 1985-90.
  • President, Australian Council of Trade Unions 1990-96.
  • Member, ILO Governing Body 1990-96.
  • Life Member, Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers' Union 1995.

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  • Description: inner metropolitan.
    Location: north-eastern Melbourne; it includes the suburbs of Kingsbury, Northcote, Preston, Reservoir and Thornbury, and parts of Alphington, Bundoora, Coburg North, Fairfield and Macleod.
    Area: 53 sq km (approx.).
    Electors enrolled: 89 160 (at 21.8.10).
    Industries: light engineering, textiles, clothing and footwear.
    State electorates: Batman includes the Victorian Legislative Assembly electorate of Preston, and parts of Bundoora, Northcote and Thomastown

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  • Appointed Member of the Order of Australia, June 1996.

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