Former Senator the Hon Lin Thorp

Lin Thorp

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Former Senator for Tasmania

Australian Labor Party

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Parliamentary service

  • State: Elected to the Tasmanian Legislative Council for Rumney 1999. Defeated 2011.
  • Federal: Chosen by the Parliament of Tasmania on 20.6.2012 under section 15 of the Constitution to represent that State in the Senate, vice the Hon. NJ Sherry (resigned). Defeated at general elections 2013 (term ended 30.6.2014).

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Ministerial appointments

  • State: Minister for Human Services (Tas.) from 17.9.08 to 21.4.10; Minister for Education and Skills, Minister for Children, and Minister for Police and Emergency Management (Tas.) from 21.4.10 to 7.5.11.

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Committee service

  • Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 21.6.12 to 11.11.13; Library from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14; Publications from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14; Senators' Interests from 12.11.13 to 6.3.14.
  • Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport: Legislation and References Committees from 27.6.12 to 11.11.13; Community Affairs: References Committee from 25.2.13 to 11.11.13 and from 6.3.14 to 30.6.14; Environment and Communications: References Committee from 12.11.13 to 30.6.14.
  • Senate Select: Electricity Prices from 23.8.12 to 1.11.12; National Broadband Network from 14.11.13 to 30.6.14.
  • Joint Statutory: Broadcasting of Parliamentary Proceedings from 21.6.12 to 5.8.13.
  • Joint Standing: National Broadband Network from 21.6.12 to 5.8.13; Treaties from 21.6.12 to 30.6.14; Parliamentary Library from 4.12.13 to 30.6.14.

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Parliamentary party positions

  • State: Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council (Tas.) 2006-11.

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Party positions

  • Member, ALP from 1994.
  • Delegate, ALP State Conference (Tas.) from 1995.
  • Delegate, ALP National Conference.
  • Vice-President, ALP (Tas.).
  • Assistant Secretary, ALP (Tas.).
  • Platform Committee Chair, Administrative Committee member and local branch Secretary.

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  • Born 4.11.1953, Hobart, Tas.
  • Married.

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Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BA, DipEd (Tas.), GradDipSpecEd (TCAE).
  • Teacher 1977-99.
  • Health Research Consultant, Menzies Centre for Population 1991-95.
  • Medical School Consultant, University of Tasmania 1991-95.
  • Adviser to Senator SM Mackay 1996.
  • Member, Tasmanian Legislative Council 1999-2011 (see Parliamentary service above).

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