Former Senator Linda Kirk

Linda Kirk

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Former Senator for South Australia

Australian Labor Party

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Parliamentary service

  • Elected to the Senate for South Australia 2001 (term began 1.7.2002). Retired prior to general elections 2007 (term ended 30.6.2008).

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Parliamentary positions

  • Temporary Chair of Committees from 25.6.03 to 30.6.08.

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Committee service

  • Senate Standing: Library from 1.7.02 to 1.7.05 and from 14.2.08 to 30.6.08; Publications from 1.7.02 to 1.7.05; Senators' Interests from 18.11.04 to 30.6.08.
  • Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Legal and Constitutional: References Committee from 1.7.02 to 11.9.06 and Legislation Committee from 11.5.05 to 11.9.06; Legal and Constitutional Affairs from 11.9.06 to 30.6.08; Employment, Workplace Relations and Education: References Committee from 18.11.04 to 1.7.05.
  • Senate Select: Lindeberg Grievance from 1.4.04 to 16.11.04.
  • Joint Standing: Migration from 1.7.02 to 6.12.06; Treaties from 1.7.02 to 31.8.04; Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade from 1.12.04 to 30.6.08; Parliamentary Library from 14.2.08 to 30.6.08.

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Conferences, delegations and visits

  • Elected Delegate to the Australian Constitutional Convention, February 1998.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Caledonia and Vanuatu, November 2003.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to China and bilateral visit to Mongolia, April 2005.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to the Cook Islands, October 2005.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to New Zealand, August 2006.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to India and the Philippines, September-October 2007.
  • Member, Parliamentary Delegation to India and the Philippines, September-October 2007.

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Parliamentary party positions

  • Deputy Opposition Whip in the Senate from 1.7.05 to 3.12.07.

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Party positions

  • Member, ALP from 1988.
  • Delegate, ALP State Council (SA) and State Conventions (SA).
  • Member, ALP Government and Service Delivery and Industry, Infrastructure and Regional Development National Policy Committees 1997-98 and 1999-2000.
  • Delegate, ALP National Conference 1998.
  • Executive Member, Labor Women (SA) from 2001.

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  • Born 24.5.1967, Adelaide, SA.

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Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament

  • BEc, LLB(Hons) (Adel), LLM (Cantab).
  • Lecturer, University of Adelaide.

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Local government service

  • Councillor, Adelaide City Council 1998-2000.

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