House of Representatives Committees


Submissions to this inquiry were received from the following individuals/organisations.

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No Received from
1 Arnol, Mr John (PDF 89KB)
2 Clay, Mr R W (PDF 141KB)
3 Bennett, Mr John (PDF 897KB)
4 Safe Speed [Scotland] (PDF 362KB)
5 National Motorists Association Australia (PDF 250KB) Attachment (PDF 264KB)
6 National Motorists Association Australia [supplementary to submission no. 5 (PDF 254KB)
7 Lewin, Mr Blake (PDF 253KB)
8 Rebula, Mr Paul (PDF 1,440KB)
9 Barnes, Mr Viv (PDF 860KB)
10 University of Western Sydney, Centre for Cultural Research (PDF 1,737KB)
11 Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited (PDF 1,666KB)
12 Rose, Howard & Sylvia (PDF 747KB)
13 Peters, Mr Marshall (PDF 189KB)
14 Hannifey, Mr Rod (PDF 1,753KB)
15 Cyclists Urban Speedlimit Taskforce (PDF 638KB)
16 Australian Security Industry Association Limited (PDF 751KB)
17 Ulysses Club Incorporated (PDF 2,009KB)
18 Australian Automobile Association (PDF 844KB)
19 Cove, Mr Mark (PDF 650KB)
20 Australian New Car Assessment Program (PDF 16KB) Attachment (PDF 490KB)
21 Clarke, Mr Geoff (PDF 794KB)
22 University of Western Sydney, Centre for Cultural Research [supplementary submission to no 10] (PDF 6,181KB)
23 Department of Transport and Regional Services (PDF 54KB)
24 University of Western Sydney, Centre for Cultural Research [supplementary submission to no 10 and 22] (PDF 12,733KB)
25 Barros, Ms Janette (PDF 7,112KB)
26 Australian Trucking Association (PDF 2,179KB)
27 Peters, Mr Marshall [supplementary submission to no 13] (PDF 1,533KB)
28 Peters, Mr Marshall [supplementary submission to no 13 and 27] (PDF 4,144KB)
29 Hart, Dr Peter (PDF 1,133KB)
30 Healy, Mr Tony (PDF 574KB)
31 Queensland Transport (PDF 5,239KB)
32 South Australian Government (PDF 1,775KB)
33 Gardiner, Mr Douglas (PDF 3,461KB)
34 Bus Industry Confederation (PDF 41KB)
35 Road and Traffic Authority (RTA) (PDF 222KB)
36 National Road Transport Commission (PDF 287)
37 Western Australian Government (PDF 89KB)
38 STAYSAFE Committee (PDF 24KB)
39 Laird, Professor Philip (PDF 95KB)
40 Hannifey, Mr Rod [supplementary submission to no 14] (PDF 12KB)
41 Margetts, Mr Tony (PDF 8KB)
42 Leech, Mr David (PDF 20KB)

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