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Completed Inquiry: Lavarack Barracks Redevelopment Stage 3, Townsville

The Committee tabled its report, Lavarack Barracks Redevelopment Stage 3, Townsville on 23 August 2001. A copy of the individual chapters are available in PDF format or a copy of the full report in hard copy from the Committee Secretariat.

(To view or print the PDF documents, you will require the Acrobat PDF Reader® version 4.0 which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe®.)

Table of contents

Contents and membership (PDF Format 26KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF Format 20KB)

Chapter 2: The need for the proposed work (PDF Format 29KB)

Chapter 3: The proposal (PDF Format 27KB)

Chapter 4: Issues (PDF Format 31KB)

Chapter 5: Comments, conclusions and recomendations (PDF Format 18KB)

Appendix A: Witnesses (PDF Format 7KB)

Appendix B: List of submissions (PDF Format 7KB)

Appendix C: Associated Drawings (PDF Format 11KB)

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