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Private Review of Agency Security Arrangements

The Committee tabled its report on the Private Review of Agency Security Arrangements on 13 October 2003. A copy of the individual chapters are available in PDF format or from the Committee Secretariat.

(To view or print the PDF documents, you will require the Acrobat PDF Reader® version 4.0 which can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe®.)

Table of contents

Contents and membership (PDF Format 46KB)

Chapter 1: Introduction (PDF 51KB)

Chapter 2: Personnel Security (PDF 76KB)

Chapter 3: Physical Security (PDF 56KB)

Chapter 4: Information Technology Security (PDF 39KB)

Chapter 5: Legislation dealing with Espionage Crime (PDF 19KB)

Appendix A: Section 29 of the Intelligence Services Act 2001 (PDF 18KB)

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