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Clean Energy Amendment Bills 2012

October 2012

© Commonwealth of Australia 2012

ISBN 978-0-642-79810-7 (Printed version)
ISBN 978-0-642-79811-4 (HTML version)

View the report as a single document - (PDF 705KB)

View the report as separate downloadable parts:

Preliminary pages (PDF 114KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction (PDF 108KB)

Referral of the bills
Origins of the bills
Overview of the amendments
Financial impact of the amendments
Overview of the bills
Clean Energy Charges Excise and Customs Bills
Excise Tariff Amendment (Per-tonne Carbon Price Equivalent) Bill 2012
Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Import and Manufacturing levy Bills
Clean Energy (Unit Issue Charge—Auctions) Amendment Bill 2012
Objective and scope of the inquiry
Conduct of the inquiry

Chapter 2 - Issues in the bills (PDF 158KB)

Linking carbon markets
Removal of the floor price
Surrender limits on Kyoto units
Natural Gas

Dissenting Report – Mr Steven Ciobo MP, Deputy Chair, Ms Kelly O’Dwyer MP and Mr Scott Buchholz MP: Liberal Party of Australia (PDF 85KB)
Appendix A – Submissions and Exhibits (PDF 46KB)
Appendix B – Hearing and Witnesses (PDF 33KB)
Appendix C – List of advisory reports (PDF 34KB)
Appendix D – Details of the bills (PDF 95KB)

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