House of Representatives Committees

Committee members - 44th Parliament

Under Standing Order 220 the committe will consist of six government Members and four non-government Members.

Dr Dennis Jensen MP (Chair) (Liberal Party of Australia, Tangney, WA)

Hon Justine Elliot MP (Deputy Chair) (Australian Labor Party, Richmond, NSW)

Mrs Karen Andrews MP (Liberal Party of Australia, McPherson, Qld)

Mr Russell Broadbent MP (Liberal Party of Australia, McMillian, Vic)

Mr Scott Buchholz MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Wright, Qld)

Hon Anthony Byrne MP (Australian Labor Party, Holt, Vic)

Ms Lisa Chesters MP (Australian Labor Party, Bendigo, Vic)

Ms Jill Hall MP (Australian Labor Party, Shortland, NSW)

Mr Kevin Hogan MP (The Nationals, Page, NSW)

Mrs Jane Prentice MP (Liberal Party of Australia, Ryan, Qld)

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