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Documents presented out of sitting

Under standing orders 38 and 166, committees, ministers and the Auditor—General may present reports and documents to the President, the Deputy President or a temporary chair of committees when the Senate is not sitting. Reports and documents so presented are authorised for publication. Reports and documents listed here were presented since the Senate last met.

They will be tabled formally when the Senate next meets and recorded in the Journals of the Senate.

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Documents presented out of sitting - after the Senate adjourned on 1 December 2016

Documents certified by the President

Vacancy in the representation of Western Australia—Letter from the President of the Senate to the Governor of Western Australia (Her Excellency the Honourable Kerry Sanderson AO), dated 11 January 2017, and copies of documentation received from the Federal Court and from the Inspector-General in Bankruptcy. [Certified 12 January 2017]

Committee reports (pursuant to Senate standing order 38 (7))

  1. Environment and Communications Reverences Committee—Response to, and lessons learnt from, the January and February 2016 bushfires in remote Tasmanian wilderness—Report, dated December 2016, Hansard record of proceedings, documents presented to the committee, additional information and submissions. [Received 8 December 2016]
  2. Electoral Matters—Joint Standing Committee—The 2016 Federal Election—Interim report on the authorisation of voter communication, dated December 2016. [Received 9 December 2016]
  3. Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee—Report—Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing Cohort) Bill 2016 [Provisions]—Corrigendum. [Received 14 December 2016]
  4. Education and Employment References Committee—Report—Siege of attrition: the Government’s APS bargaining policy—

    Additional information. [Received 16 December 2016]

    Corrigendum. [Received 16 December 2016]     

  5. Treaties—Joint Standing Committee—167th report—Nuclear Cooperation-Ukraine; Extradition-China, dated December 2016. [Received 19 December 2016]

Government responses to parliamentary committee reports (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

  1. Wind Turbines—Select Committee—Report—Government response, dated November 2016. [Received 8 December 2016]
  2. Economics References Committee—Report—Australia’s innovation system—Government response, dated December 2016. [Received 20 December 2016]
  3. Community Affairs References Committee—Report—Extent of income inequality in Australia - Bridging our growing divide: inequality in Australia—Government response, dated December 2016. [Received 21 December 2016]
  4. Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee—Report—Schedule 2 of the Veterans’ Affairs Legislation Amendment (2015 Budget Measures) Bill 2015—Government response, dated January 2017. [Received 17 January 2017]

Government documents (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)   

  1. Department of Social Services—Forced Adoptions Implementation Working Group—Final report, dated December 2014. [Received 5 December 2016]
  2. Campaign advertising by Australian government departments and agencies—Report for 2015-16. [Received 5 December 2016]
  3. Australian Grape and Wine Authority—Report for 2015-16. [Received 9 December 2016]
  4. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)—NHMRC Licensing Committee—Report on the operation of the Research Involving Human Embryos Act 2002 for the period 1 March to 31 August 2016. [Received 14 December 2016]
  5. Wet Tropics Management Authority—Report for 2015-16. [Received 14 December 2016]
  6. Wet Tropics Management Authority—State of Wet Tropics—Report for 2015-16. [Received 14 December 2016]
  7. Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC)—Report for 2015-16. [Received 15 December 2016]
  8. Department of Finance—Consolidated financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2016. [Received 16 December 2016]
  9. Murray-Darling Basin Authority—Report for 2015-16. [Received 16 December 2016]
  10. Australian Aged Care Quality Agency—Report for 2015-16. [Received 19 December 2016]
  11. Productivity Commission—Report no. 78—Intellectual Property Arrangements, dated 23 September 2016. [Received 20 December 2016]
  12. Human Trafficking and Slavery Interdepartmental Committee—Eighth report—Trafficking in persons: The Australian Government response, 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016. [Received 20 December 2016]

Reports of the Auditor-General (pursuant to Senate standing order 166(2)(a))

  1. Auditor-General—Audit report no. 29 for 2016-17—Performance audit—Design and implementation of Defence’s base services contracts: Department of Defence. [Certified 14 December 2016]
  2. Auditor-General—Audit report no. 30 for 2016-17—Performance audit—Design and implementation of round two of the National Stronger Regions Fund: Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development. [Certified 19 December 2016]
  3. Auditor-General—Audit report no. 31 for 2016-17—Performance audit—Administration of the VET FEE-HELP scheme: Department of Education and Training; Australian Skills Quality Authority; Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. [Certified 20 December 2016]
  4. Auditor-General—Audit report no. 32 of 2016-17—Performance audit—Offshore processing centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea – Contract management of garrison support and welfare services: Department of Immigration and Border Protection. [Certified 17 January 2017]

Return to order (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

Primary Industries—Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority—Relocation—Letter to the President of the Senate from the Minister for Resources and Northern Australia (Senator Canavan), dated 2 December 2016, responding to the order of the Senate of 29 November 2016, and attachment. [Received 6 December 2016]

Statements of departmental and agency unanswered estimates questions on notice (continuing order of the Senate of 25 June 2014)

Finance portfolio. [Received 21 December 2016]

Office of National Assessments. [Received 12 January 2017]