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Documents presented out of sitting

Under standing orders 38 and 166, committees, ministers and the Auditor—General may present reports and documents to the President, the Deputy President or a temporary chair of committees when the Senate is not sitting. Reports and documents so presented are authorised for publication. Reports and documents listed here were presented since the Senate last met.

They will be tabled formally when the Senate next meets and recorded in the Journals of the Senate.

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Documents presented out of sitting - after the Senate adjourned on 15 September 2016

Government documents (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

  1. NBN Co limited—Report for 2015-16. [Received 20 September 2016]
  2. National Environment Protection Council (NEPC)—Report for 2014-15. [Received 21  September 2016]
  3. Fair Work (Building Industry) Act 2012—Commonwealth Ombudsman’s reports on reviews conducted under Division 3—Report for 2014-15.

Reports of the Auditor-General (pursuant to Senate standing order 166(2)(a))

Auditor-General—Audit report No. 17 for 2016-17—Performance audit—Design and monitoring of the Rural Research and Development for Profit Programme: Department of Agriculture and Water Resources; Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. [Received 20 September 2016]

Statements of compliance with Senate orders (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

Indexed lists of departmental and agency files (continuing order of the Senate of 30 May 1996, as amended)

Agriculture and Water Resources portfolio. [Received 20 September 2016]

Department of Education and Training. [Received 20 September 2016]

Fair Work Commission. [Received 22 September 2016]

Finance portfolio. [Received 20 September 2016]