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Documents presented out of sitting

Under standing orders 38 and 166, committees, ministers and the Auditor—General may present reports and documents to the President, the Deputy President or a temporary chair of committees when the Senate is not sitting. Reports and documents so presented are authorised for publication. Reports and documents listed here were presented since the Senate last met.

They will be tabled formally when the Senate next meets and recorded in the Journals of the Senate.

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Documents presented out of sitting - after the Senate adjourned on 14 September 2017

Government responses to parliamentary committee reports (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

  1. Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee—Report—Current and future arrangements for the marketing of Australian sugar—Government response, dated September 2017. [Received 15 September 2017
  2. Law Enforcement—Joint Statutory Committee—Report—Examination of the annual report of the Australian Federal Police 2014-15—Government response, dated July 2017. [Received 20 September 2017]    

Government documents (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

Aged Care Complaints Commissioner—Report for 2016-17. [Received 20 September 2017]

Reports of the Auditor-General (pursuant to Senate standing order 166(2)(a))

Auditor-General—Audit report no. 8 of 2017-18—Performance audit—Administration of the Freedom of Information Act 1982: Across entities. [Certified 19 September 2017]

Returns to order (pursuant to Senate standing order 166)

Future Frigate project—Terms of request for tender—Order agreed to 14 September—Letter to the President of the Senate from the Minister for Defence (Senator Payne), dated 14 September 2017.  [Received 18 September 2017]

Indexed lists of departmental and agency files (continuing order of the Senate of 30 May 1996, as amended)

Agriculture and Water Resources portfolio. [Received 20 September 2017]

Statements of departmental and agency unanswered estimates questions on notice (continuing order of the Senate of 25 June 2014)

Department of Social Services. [Received 18 September 2017]

Finance portfolio. [Received 20 September 2017]

Special Minister of State. [Received 20 September 2017]