Procedural orders of continuing effect

The following procedural orders are those which were clearly intended to be of continuing effect, and are significant in that they relate to the manner in which the Senate conducts its legislative and inquiry functions and exercises and upholds its constitutional powers.

The text of each order is followed by the date on which it was passed, the page number in the Journals of the Senate at which it appears and any necessary explanatory note.

The orders in this section were agreed to by the Senate up to 30 June 2015. Any orders agreed to by the Senate after that date, or any sessional or temporary orders that operate for a limited period, may be found in the Notice Paper under “Orders of the Senate”.

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Standing orders

Section 50 of the Constitution empowers the Senate to make rules and orders with respect to how its powers, privileges, and immunities may be exercised and upheld, and the order and conduct of its business and proceedings.

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