Standing Orders and other orders of the Senate

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February 2014

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Time limits on debate (PDF 13KB)
Standing orders (PDF 297KB)

Standing orders

Parliamentary privilege (PDF 64KB)
Resolutions agreed to by the Senate on 25 February 1988
Procedural orders and resolutions of the Senate of continuing effect (PDF 152KB)
Procedural orders of continuing effect
Resolutions expressing opinions of the Senate
Registration and declaration of Senators' interest (PDF 46KB)
Senators’ interests
Receipt of gifts – declaration
Broadcasting of Senate and Committee proceedings (PDF 28KB)
Broadcasting of Senate and committee proceedings

Note: The revised standing orders of the Senate were adopted on 21 November 1989 and came into effect on the first day of sitting in 1990. This reprint incorporates amendments made up to 11 February 2014.

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