Chapter 29 - Visitors

174 Distinguished visitors

The President may, by leave of the Senate, admit distinguished visitors to a seat on the floor of the Senate.

175 Conduct of visitors

  1. Visitors may attend, in the galleries provided, a sitting of the Senate.
  2. A person other than a senator, a clerk at the table or an officer attending on the Senate may not:
    1. attend a meeting of the Senate in private session; or
    2. enter any part of the Senate chamber reserved for senators while the Senate is sitting.
  3. Paragraph (2) does not apply in respect of a senator breastfeeding an infant.
  4. The Usher of the Black Rod shall, subject to any direction by the Senate or the President, take into custody any person who enters any part of the chamber reserved for senators while the Senate is sitting, or causes a disturbance in or near the chamber, and a person so taken into custody shall be discharged out of custody in accordance with an order of the Senate.

(amended 13 May 2003)

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