Powers, practice and procedure

Publications and information about how the Senate operates and the rules that govern proceedings.

Odgers' Australian Senate Practice

Senate Practice

Odgers’ Australian Senate Practice (OASP) is a detailed reference work on all aspects of the Senate's powers, procedures and practices. Matters covered range from broad constitutional principles to the fine details of the rules of debate and procedure. The work has for its base the Constitution, the standing orders, rulings of successive presidents, practice and precedent.

Standing orders and other orders of the Senate

Annotated Standing Orders of the Australian Senate

    Cover of Annotated Standing Orders of the Australian Senate

    The Annotated Standing Orders provides the text of each standing order, its amendment history, and information about its origin, evolution, rationale and application.

The Australian Constitution

    Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900: original public record copy courtesy of Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra, ACT


    The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act, as amended, outlines the fundamental principles for the system of government in Australia including the membership and powers of the Senate.

Other procedural information

Senate Briefs

Procedural Information Bulletins - Issued at the end of each block of sitting weeks the Bulletin provides a summary of major legislative highlights and committee reports tabled, and commentary on procedural matters arising in the period under review.

Senate Briefs - This series of information sheets aims to give a basic introduction to the Senate and its work.

Brief Guides to Senate Procedure - This series is aimed at those who require a practical understanding of the main procedures used in the Senate

Senators' Guide to Procedures - Guide to most frequently used procedures and the relevant standing and other orders.

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