Summer Research Scholarship program


Since 2013 the Summer Research Scholarship has been made available to honours and post-graduate tertiary students who wish to undertake research at the Parliamentary Library at the Australian Parliament. Most broadly, Scholars are able to research a subject that is relevant to the Parliament, and which is of mutual interest to both the Scholars and the Parliamentary Library.

Purpose of the Summer Scholarship

The purpose of the Summer Scholarship is to:

  • Contribute to scholarship on the Parliament and its work
  • Increase awareness of the Parliamentary environment
  • Help build relevant research expertise, and
  • Promote the work of the Parliamentary Library and its potential as a future employer

Management of the Summer Scholarship

The Summer Research Scholars work on their projects in the Research Branch of the Parliamentary Library, within the Department of Parliamentary Services, for a period of six weeks. The Summer Scholarship is managed by the Parliamentary Library on behalf of the Parliament through the Joint Standing Committee on the Parliamentary Library.

Applications for 2016 Scholarships

Applications for the 2016 Summer Research Scholarship round are now closed. Applicants will be advised of the outcome at the earliest opportunity.

Past Scholarship research

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