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This page includes recently published Research Papers. The Parliamentary Library also publishes Bills Digests


Indigenous parliamentarians, federal and state: a quick guide 293KB 30.06.2014 
Aboriginal advantage: an insider look at an Aboriginal community 3.07.2015 
Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide 350KB 29.06.2015
Child care in Australia: a quick guide 296KB 72KB 23.06.2015
How much income tax do we really pay? An analysis of 2011–12 individual income tax data 378KB 272MB 10.06.2015
Australia and the Middle East conflict: the Rudd and Gillard Governments (2007–13)  388KB 131MB 9.06.2015
Budget Review 2015–16  11.05.2015
The Budget: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 11.05.2015
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 22.05.2015
Australia’s Preferential Trade Agreements: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 5.05.2015
Commonwealth Parliament from 1901 to World War I 590KB 400MB 4.05.2015
South Sudan crisis 590KB 400MB 17.04.2015
Anzac Day 2015 4.1MB 1.83MB 16.04.2015
Earnings in Australia: a quick guide 273KB 70KB 15.04.2015 
Domestic violence in Australia: a quick guide to the issues 276KB 80KB 26.03.2015
Are advanced economies stagnating?: a quick guide 262KB 76KB 25.03.2015
Asylum seekers and refugees: what are the facts? 400KB 448KB 2.03.2015
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 231KB 80KB 26.02.2015 
Permanent and temporary migration: a quick guide to key internet links 300KB 84KB 24.02.2015
Australian Government measures to counter violent extremism: a quick guide 340KB 84KB 10.02.2015
Refugee resettlement to Australia: what are the facts? 358KB 96KB 3.02.2015
Casual employment in Australia: a quick guide 301KB 153KB 20.01.2015
Women in parliament and politics: a quick guide to key internet links 289KB 80KB 14.01.2015
Australia's Humanitarian Program: a quick guide to the statistics since 1947 287KB 80KB 7.01.2015
Growth in expenditure on high cost drugs in Australia 299KB 115KB 7.01.2015
Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements: 2014 update 315KB 107KB 17.12.2014
State Statistical Bulletin 2012–13 945KB 664KB 4.12.2014 
The base salary for senators and members: 2014 update 327KB 131KB 27.11.2014
Performance of manufacturing industry: a quick guide 259KB 248KB 17.11.2014
Asylum seekers and refugees: a quick guide to key Parliamentary Library publications 259KB 76KB 13.11.2014
Australian Government Assistance to refugees: fact versus fiction 268KB 83KB 11.11.2014
The Air Warfare Destroyer program 275KB 80KB 10.11.2014 
The 2014–15 social services budget Bills: a quick guide 231KB 66KB 10.11.2014
Defence: a quick guide to key internet links 301KB 73KB 30.10.2014
Australia’s foreign debt: a quick guide 310KB 77KB 28.10.2014 
Online shopping and potential changes to the low value threshold: costs and benefits for government, consumers and retailers 403KB 260KB 27.10.2014
Offences for disclosing information about covert operations: a quick guide 281KB 80KB 23.10.2014
Domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia: an overview of the issues 466KB 130KB 14.10.2014
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP): a quick guide 288KB 70KB 9.10.2014
Tertiary education: a quick guide to key internet links 288KB 70KB 3.10.2014 
Developments in Australian refugee law and policy (2012 to August 2013) 443KB 118KB 25.09.2014 
Commonwealth Members of Parliament who have served in war: Colonial wars and the First World War 890KB 194KB 19.09.2014 
Community grants: a quick guide to key Internet links 234KB 70KB 16.09.2014 
Federal Election 2013 285KB 304KB 8.09.2014
The arts and culture: a quick guide to key internet links 285KB 68KB 4.09.2014 
The ABC: an overview (updated) 823KB 1.96MB 11.08.2014
Australian naval shipbuilding since the 2013 election: a quick guide 823KB 81KB 11.08.2014
Australian Governments and dilemmas in filtering the Internet: juggling freedoms against potential for harm 823KB 486KB 8.08.2014 
Counter-terrorism and national security legislation reviews: a comparative overview 592KB 126KB 7.08.2014
Index of Victoria Cross recipients by electorate 1.2MB 262KB 6.08.2014 
Voter ID 713KB 496KB 4.08.2014
Who pays the piper? Rules for lobbying governments in Australia, Canada, UK and USA 462KB 125KB 1.08.2014
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