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Anzac Day 2014 3990KB 1749KB 10.04.2014 
Budget reviews and Commissions of Audit in Australia 444KB 101KB 9.04.2014
South Sudan crisis 513KB 382KB 4.04.2014
Australian elections timetable as at 7 April 2014 251KB 72KB 3.04.2014 
Media of the people: broadcasting community media in Australia 910KB 642KB 2.04.2014
Overview of Feed in Tariffs: a quick guide 288KB 114KB 1.04.2014
Indonesia’s 2014 national elections: a quick guide 494KB 99KB 28.03.2014 
The G20 (Safety and Security) Complementary Bill 2014: a quick guide 279KB 73KB 25.03.2014 
Major superannuation and retirement income changes in Australia: a chronology 743KB 167KB 11.03.2014 
Ukrainian crisis: a quick guide to key internet links 261KB 77KB 5.03.2014
Selected political records of the Commonwealth Parliament 228KB 80KB 5.03.2014 
Resource development and landholders’ rights: a quick guide 288KB 76KB 5.03.2014 
The G20: a quick guide 303KB 62KB 4.03.2014
Elections and electoral systems: a quick guide to key internet links 291KB 72KB 3.03.2014
A comparison of Coalition and Labor government asylum policies in Australia since 2001 250KB 100KB 28.02.2014
Foreign investment in Australian agriculture 824KB 1820KB 18.02.2014 
Women parliamentarians in Australia 1921–2013 1035KB 147KB 14.02.2014 
Boat arrivals in Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 266KB 106KB 23.01.2014 
Federal Election 2013: issues, dynamics, outcomes 1301KB 2143KB 22.01.2014
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP): a quick guide 276KB 64KB 10.01.2014
The US Foreign Accounts Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and interaction with G20 initiatives: a quick guide 285KB 85KB 10.01.2014
Rudd redux: victory and defeat 777KB 780KB 9.01.2014 
Family migration to Australia 357KB 430KB 23.12.2013
Humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers: a quick guide to key internet links 296KB 74KB 18.12.2013 
Permanent and temporary migration: a quick guide to key internet links 304KB 73KB 18.12.2013
Australia at war in Afghanistan: updated facts and figures 388KB 220KB 13.12.2013 
‘That’s it, you’re out’: disorderly conduct in the House of Representatives from 1901 to 2013 794KB 137KB 11.12.2013 
Australian and selected overseas governments: a quick guide to key internet links 273KB 74KB  6.12.2013
Parliament: a quick guide to key internet links 272KB 64KB 6.12.2013
Women in parliament and politics: a quick guide to key internet links 288KB 71KB 6.12.2013
Labour Stats 101 employment: a quick guide 289KB 142KB 5.12.2013 
Labour Stats 101 labour force: a quick guide 282KB 204KB 5.12.2013
Labour Stats 101 unemployment: a quick guide 300KB 199KB 5.12.2013
Labour Stats 101 youth unemployment: a quick guide 301KB 172KB 5.12.2013
Australian climate change policy: a chronology 463KB 89KB 2.12.2013 
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