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This page includes recently published Research Papers. The Parliamentary Library also publishes Bills Digests


Income management: a quick guide 331KB 68KB 15.07.2015 
The Australian Defence Force in northern Australia 316KB 90KB 9.07.2015 
Indigenous parliamentarians, federal and state: a quick guide 293KB 76KB 30.06.2015 
Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide 350KB 90KB 29.06.2015
Child care in Australia: a quick guide 296KB 72KB 23.06.2015
How much income tax do we really pay? An analysis of 2011–12 individual income tax data 378KB 272MB 10.06.2015
Australia and the Middle East conflict: the Rudd and Gillard Governments (2007–13)  388KB 131MB 9.06.2015
Aboriginal advantage: an insider look at an Aboriginal community 1.26MB  27.05.2015 
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 22.05.2015
Budget Review 2015–16  11.05.2015
The Budget: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 11.05.2015
Australia’s Preferential Trade Agreements: a quick guide 590KB 400MB 5.05.2015
Commonwealth Parliament from 1901 to World War I 590KB 400MB 4.05.2015
South Sudan crisis 590KB 400MB 17.04.2015
Anzac Day 2015 4.1MB 1.83MB 16.04.2015
Earnings in Australia: a quick guide 273KB 70KB 15.04.2015 
Domestic violence in Australia: a quick guide to the issues 276KB 80KB 26.03.2015
Are advanced economies stagnating?: a quick guide 262KB 76KB 25.03.2015
Asylum seekers and refugees: what are the facts? 400KB 448KB 2.03.2015
Composition of Australian parliaments by party and gender: a quick guide 231KB 80KB 26.02.2015 
Permanent and temporary migration: a quick guide to key internet links 300KB 84KB 24.02.2015
Australian Government measures to counter violent extremism: a quick guide 340KB 84KB 10.02.2015
Refugee resettlement to Australia: what are the facts? 358KB 96KB 3.02.2015
Casual employment in Australia: a quick guide 301KB 153KB 20.01.2015
Women in parliament and politics: a quick guide to key internet links 289KB 80KB 14.01.2015
Australia's Humanitarian Program: a quick guide to the statistics since 1947 287KB 80KB 7.01.2015
Growth in expenditure on high cost drugs in Australia 299KB 115KB 7.01.2015
Parliamentary remuneration and entitlements: 2014 update 315KB 107KB 17.12.2014
State Statistical Bulletin 2012–13 945KB 664KB 4.12.2014 
The base salary for senators and members: 2014 update 327KB 131KB 27.11.2014
Performance of manufacturing industry: a quick guide 259KB 248KB 17.11.2014
Asylum seekers and refugees: a quick guide to key Parliamentary Library publications 259KB 76KB 13.11.2014
Australian Government Assistance to refugees: fact versus fiction 268KB 83KB 11.11.2014
The Air Warfare Destroyer program 275KB 80KB 10.11.2014 
The 2014–15 social services budget Bills: a quick guide 231KB 66KB 10.11.2014
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