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Offences for disclosing information about covert operations: a quick guide 281KB 80KB 23.10.2014
Domestic, family and sexual violence in Australia: an overview of the issues 466KB 130KB 14.10.2014
Higher Education Loan Program (HELP): a quick guide 288KB 70KB 9.10.2014
Tertiary education: a quick guide to key internet links 288KB 70KB 3.10.2014 
Developments in Australian refugee law and policy (2012 to August 2013) 443KB 118KB 25.09.2014 
Commonwealth Members of Parliament who have served in war: Colonial wars and the First World War 890KB 194KB 19.09.2014 
Community grants: a quick guide to key Internet links 234KB 70KB 16.09.2014 
Federal Election 2013 285KB 304KB 8.09.2014
The arts and culture: a quick guide to key internet links 285KB 68KB 4.09.2014 
The ABC: an overview (updated) 823KB 1.96MB 11.08.2014
Australian naval shipbuilding since the 2013 election: a quick guide 823KB 81KB 11.08.2014
Australian Governments and dilemmas in filtering the Internet: juggling freedoms against potential for harm 823KB 486KB 8.08.2014 
Counter-terrorism and national security legislation reviews: a comparative overview 592KB 126KB 7.08.2014
Index of Victoria Cross recipients by electorate 1.2MB 262KB 6.08.2014 
Voter ID 713KB 496KB 4.08.2014
Who pays the piper? Rules for lobbying governments in Australia, Canada, UK and USA 462KB 125KB 1.08.2014
‘To the last man’—Australia’s entry to war in 1914 229KB 72KB 31.07.2014 
2014 Superannuation benefits for senators and members elected before 2004 337KB 98KB 25.07.2014
Crime and law enforcement: a quick guide to key internet links 284KB 72KB 18.07.2014 
National security: a quick guide to key internet links 243KB 67KB 18.07.2014 
Federal election results 1901–2014 2.82MB  298KB 17.07.2014
School education: a quick guide to key internet links 306KB 69KB 15.07.2014
Representation of women in Australian parliaments 2014 1.05MB 409KB 9.07.2014
South Australian state election 2014 1051KB 267KB 2.07.2014
Australia’s female political leaders: a quick guide 410KB 76KB 24.06.2014 
House of Representatives by-elections 1901–2014 739KB 144KB 12.06.2014 
The Attorney-General’s suggested changes to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 405KB 116KB 5.06.2014 
Budget Review 2014–15 2MBKB 615KB 30.05.2014
Tasmanian state election 2014: an overview 570KB 405KB 30.05.2014
New Zealanders in Australia: a quick guide 299KB 69KB 30.05.2014
Electoral redistributions during the 44th Parliament 184KB 69KB 29.05.2014
Indigenous affairs: a quick guide to key internet links 304KB 83KB 20.05.2014
The Renewable Energy Target: a quick guide 304KB 83KB 14.05.2014 
Migration to Australia: a quick guide to the statistics 326KB 75KB 14.05.2014
The evolution of the Australian Defence Force Gap Year program 339KB 95KB 8.05.2014 
Labour Stats 101 unemployment: a quick guide 404KB 211KB 7.05.2014 
Labour Stats 101 labour force: a quick guide 355KB 186KB 7.05.2014
Labour Stats 101 employment: a quick guide 370KB 156KB 7.05.2014
Universal access to early childhood education: a quick guide 287KB 70KB 1.05.2014 
Youth unemployment statistics for small geographic areas: a quick guide 312KB 75KB 1.05.2014 
Labour Stats 101 youth unemployment: a quick guide 414KB 232KB 30.04.2014 
Anzac Day 2014 3990KB 1749KB 10.04.2014 
Budget reviews and Commissions of Audit in Australia 444KB 101KB 9.04.2014
South Sudan crisis 513KB 382KB 4.04.2014
Australian elections timetable as at 7 April 2014 251KB 72KB 3.04.2014 
Media of the people: broadcasting community media in Australia 910KB 642KB 2.04.2014
Overview of Feed in Tariffs: a quick guide 288KB 114KB 1.04.2014
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