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Climate change—its causes, consequences and responses—is a major subject of political debate in Australia and overseas. It is a subject on which there is a wealth of information produced by experts from a range of different perspectives—scientific, economic, legal, social policy and foreign affairs. It is also a subject about which even the experts are often not in agreement.

There is a surfeit of information on all aspects of climate change, and it can be hard to keep up. The Parliamentary Library has therefore prepared this climate change website to help provide senators and members of the Australian Parliament, and their staff, with accurate and timely information and background on the key issues. The website includes useful information sources and explains core concepts and developments necessary to understanding and responding to the climate change debate.

Given the breadth and complexity of the subject, the website must of necessity be regarded as a 'work in progress'. As resources allow and as events progress, further explanatory information will be added.



This climate change resource was created several years ago and is no longer maintained; some of the material or links may not be current. Other resources on climate change issues are being prepared.                                          


Latest issues

Emissions Reduction Fund Draft

The Australian Government has released a draft plan for its Emission Reduction Fund. The plan outlines how the Government intends to use financial incentives to help businesses reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

UN Climate Change Conference looks to 2020

Discussion among 195 members of the UN Climate Change Conference focused on a post-Kyoto agreement to commence in 2020. The Conference also launched a Green Climate Fund to help developing nations green their economies and build resilience to extreme weather. 




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